‘Hwanjoon 2’ Lee Jae-wook “Go Yoon-jung VS Jung So-min Best Couple Award? Shin Seung-ho!” [인터뷰M]

Lee Jae-wook of ‘Hwanjoon 2’ expressed his infinite affection towards Shin Seung-ho, drawing laughter.
Lee Jae-wook, the main character of tvN’s weekend drama ‘Gwanhwan: Light and Shadow’ (henceforth Hwanhon 2), which ended with the final episode on the 8th, met iMBC Entertainment. Lee Jae-wook, who met in a cafe in Apgujeong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, faithfully answered his feelings about the end of ‘Warrior 2’ and plans for future acting activities.

‘Gwan Hon 2’ is a work of fantasy romance where the main characters whose fates twist due to the soul change ‘Gwan Hon Sul’ overcome and grow against the background of a large country that does not exist in history or maps . Writers Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran, who wrote ‘Hotel Del Luna’, and Park Joon-hwa, director of ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ were together.

On this day, Lee Jae-wook cited hot breathing with colleagues around him as the driving force behind the box office success. He said, “I really relied on actors of the same age. Shin Seung-ho, Hwang Min-hyun, Go Yoon-jung, Shin Seung-ho, and Yoo In-soo. I relied a lot on them without losing anyone.” I wished they would do the same for me. The comfortable environment itself is good. It feels like creating a piece of art.”

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In particular, Lee Jae-wook mentioned several times about the co-star Shin Seung-ho of the role of Crown Prince Gowon, who gained great popularity for his bromance. When asked about his passion for romance with Go Yoon-jung, Lee Jae-wook said, “The romance scenes made me feel nervous and happy. But now, when I receive this question, a prince the crown comes to mind. I don’t know why I’m doing this.”
Lee Jae-wook said, “Shin Seung-ho had a lot of NG. It was absurd. It was like a script written by a genius. This work was surprising because I thought a small object was turned” n subversive narrative like this.” It was an ad-lib pun until the end, and it was melted into the broadcast as it was. Viewers liked it very much. Shin Seung-ho is an actor who is good at ad-libbing to fit the drama and character. It was very fun. All the onomatopoeia that became popular came from his tone. It was an ad lib that came out. It was possible to act because it was Shin Seung-ho.”

‘Gwanho’ is also a work that suffered difficulties because the female lead in season 2 was replaced following the last season. At that time, Jung So-min took the role of Salsu Nak-soo, who entered Moo-deok’s body in season 1, and gained great popularity for her performance. However, Moo-deok was treated and his heart was stabbed by his beloved Jeong-in’s knife, and he died. Afterwards, after the start of filming part 2, the female lead was changed from Jung So-min to Go Yoon-jung. Go Yoon-jung is an actress who appeared in Part 1 as falling water before losing her body in the past. It was a possible setting in terms of story development, but there were also concerns that it would detract from viewer immersion.

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Regarding this, Lee Jae-wook said, “The issue of changing the female lead in Part 2 was not a big problem for me. It was a story without difficulties in the setting.”

Lee Jae-wook said of Go Yoon-jung, “It must have been difficult while acting, but I never lost a smile. He is a very bright person. He goes on filming without losing his energy positive. I thought the atmosphere on set could change thanks to this person.” praise

Regarding Jung So-min, who breathed last season, Lee Jae-wook recalled, “The senior had a lot of experience in acting, so he had basic skills. I felt his own knowledge.”

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Later, when asked to choose a person with whom he would like to receive the ‘Best Couple Award’, Lee Jae-wook immediately mentioned Shin Seung-ho as the “Crown Prince”, making the hall laugh again.

Lee Jae-wook, who debuted in the 2018 TV drama ‘Memories of the Alhambra’. He was recognized for his solid acting skills in ‘Enter the WWW search word’, ‘A day I found by chance’, ‘I’ll come to you when the weather is nice’, ‘Solarasol Dodosol’, and ‘Moving to Heaven’. ‘.

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