Hwasa Signs Exclusive Deal with P NATION: What’s Next for the Singer?

Singer Hwasa Signs Exclusive Deal with P NATION, Led by PSY

SEOUL – Renowned singer Hwasa has officially joined P NATION, the prominent entertainment company led by renowned artist and producer PSY. The surprising announcement came after Hwasa made a guest appearance at the ‘Psy Drench Show 2023’ on the 30th of last month.

During the event, Hwasa delivered a captivating performance and subsequently signed an exclusive contract with PSY. The singer’s rendition of her hit song “Maria” left the audience in awe. Moments after the impromptu signing, PSY welcomed the talented artist as part of the P-Nation family.

P-Nation wasted no time in sharing the exciting news with fans. The company posted a video titled ‘Hwasa New Artist’ through their official social media platforms at 10 PM on the same day. Furthermore, P Nation announced their commitment to fully support Hwasa’s future endeavors and ensure her fans, just like those of her group Mamamoo, are well taken care of.

New Beginnings for Singer Hwasa

Hwasa’s decision to join P NATION marks another significant step in her career. Renowned not only for her music but also for her ventures in the entertainment industry, fans eagerly anticipate her next chapter under P NATION’s guidance.

Notably, P NATION boasts an impressive roster of talented artists, including PSY, Crush, Penomeco, Heize, Swings, and The New Six (TNX).

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Reporter Yoon Seong-yeol | 2023.07.01 08:16

/Photo courtesy = P NATION Singer Hwasa has signed an exclusive deal with P NATION, led by PSY.

According to P Nation on the 1st, Hwasa made a surprise appearance as a guest at ‘Psy Drench Show 2023’ on the 30th of last month and performed a contract signing with Psy.

Afterwards, Hwasa, who passionately sang “Maria,” said, “We became a P-Nation family a few minutes ago. Psy welcomed Hwasa, who finished the stage with hit songs like “Twit,” saying, “Give a big round of applause to Hwasa, who has become a member of the P-Nation family.”

/Photo courtesy = P NATION In addition, P Nation announced the news of the agreement by posting a video of ‘Hwasa New Artist’ via the official SNS at 10:00pm on the same day. Next, P Nation said, “We plan to fully support Hwasa’s activities in the future, and we will do our best to meet fans like Mamamoo.”

Hwasa, who continues to take on various challenges from music to entertainment, is looking forward to what new appearance he will show in P Nation.

Meanwhile, P Nation, which Hwasa just joined, has artists like Psy, Crush, Penomeco, Heize, Swings, and The New Six (TNX).

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