HyCC, construction of a 40MW ‘fast phase’ class green hydrogen production plant

[월간수소경제 이종수 기자] HyCC (Hydrogen Chemistry Company) announced on the 6th that it has selected suppliers of engineering technology and water electrolysis technology for ‘H2eron’, a green hydrogen project promoted by Delfzil, the Netherlands.

The project’s 40 MW hydrogen production plant will produce hydrogen for the first time in 2026 to support sustainable aviation fuel production. It can produce up to 6,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year.

HyCC contracted Kraftanlagen Energy & Services to be the primary design and engineering (FEED) supplier for the hydrogen production plant, while placing an order for water electrolysis stacks from Nel.

At the plant, operated by HyCC, Nell’s atmospheric alkaline water electrolysis facility will be built to produce green hydrogen through water electrolysis using renewable energy power. The hydrogen produced here will be used by the fuel producer SkyNRG to produce SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel).

SAF refers to ‘sustainable aviation fuel’ made using plants, waste cooking oil, and animal fat. In its pure form, using SAF reduces carbon emissions by 85% over fossil jet fuel over its entire life cycle.

HyCC, which recently received environmental permits for the project, is working closely with SkyNRG and its partners to make a final investment decision (FID) in 2024.

Marcel Galjee, managing director of HyCC, said, “The stable supply of green hydrogen is key to decarbonising the aviation industry. We are very pleased to be able to move the project forward.”

“We are proud to be able to leverage our proven EPC expertise on this project,” said Alfons Weber, CEO of Kraftanlagen Energy & Services. “This project will greatly support the decarbonisation of the aviation industry. It is now important to realize green hydrogen production plants on a large scale. Kraftanlagen Energy & Services is committed to implementing these projects and making green hydrogen available.”

“H2eron will have a significant impact on reducing carbon emissions in the aviation sector,” said Hans Hide, Nell’s Chief Project Officer. “Nell is proud to be able to supply our proven electrolysis technology for this exciting and important project. he said.

“Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is a key element of the energy transition, and sustainable hydrogen is a cornerstone of SAF,” said Marten van Dyck, Chief Development Officer (CDO) of SkyNRG. HyCC will make this a reality.”

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