Hyo-jeong Lee, “27 years of mother-in-law’s dementia → Husband, despair over successive bereavements” (‘The Scoop World’)

picture explanationLee Hyo-jung, ‘Special World’. picture| MBN

Trot singer Lee Hyo-jung revealed the past 10 years in tears.

In MBN’s ‘Special World’, broadcast on the 6th, Lee Hyo-jeong, a 28-year-old trot singer who debuted in 1994, appeared and revealed his recent situation after 10 years. In 2003, Hyo-Jeong Lee was introduced to the KBS documentary ‘Human Theater’ about the story of serving her elderly mother who has suffered from severe dementia for 27 years with the utmost sincerity.

One day 10 years ago, Lee Hyo-jeong said, “For a person who used to sing to stop singing, it’s like a death sentence for not being on stage.”

Lee Hyo-jeong, who received her mother in 2012, organized her belongings and admitted, “I can’t send it away, but I remember it. If I hold on to this dress, I feel like I hold my mother.”

Hyo-jeong Lee, who lost her husband and mother in an accident, spent 10 years in sorrow.

He said, “The two left and sat down. I went back and forth on the roof at home and did nothing. I just shrugged and wrinkles increased,” he looked back on the past years.

After that, Hyo-jeong Lee visited the grave of her mother and daughter, and shed tears as she longed for her mother. The girl couple, who returned home, prepared a birthday party for Lee Hyo-jung to ease their sorrowful hearts.

Pleased by this, Hyo-Jeong Lee said, “I want to be a mother who gives me strength by being by my side, and a mother who gives me strength when I have a hard time.

‘Special World’ is a high-quality documentary that includes the human stories of stars who were active in different fields, people with extraordinary abilities, and the stories of our hidden neighbors. It is broadcast every Thursday at 9:10pm.

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