Hyori Lee, “Uhm Jung-hwa, I said I was a good-natured senior~” apologized late

Photo = Captured from Teabing’s original ‘Seoul Check-in’

Singer Lee Hyo-ri, a former member of Fin.K., offered a sincere apology to singer and actress Uhm Jung-hwa.

In Teabing’s original ‘Seoul Check-in’, which was released on the 17th, Lee Hyori met Uhm Jung-hwa and Lee Jung-eun.

On this day, Hyori Lee said to Uhm Jung-hwa, “I once said that on ‘Happy Together’, I was a ‘good-natured senior’.

Then, when Lee Hyori said, “I really regretted seeing that,” Uhm Jung-hwa calmed Lee Hyori by saying, “I was just talking about having fun.”

Nevertheless, Hyori Lee apologized, saying, “I am really sorry that I said this to Jeonghwa unnie after seeing that.

Lee Jung-eun heard this and said, “He’s not happy.” Lee Hyori said, “I’m not happy. She’s someone you can’t even look at lightly,” she agreed later.

When Uhm Jung-hwa asked, “Is it?”, Hyori Lee answered, “Not really,” attracting attention.

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