Hystera: A Chaotic Arena FPS with Time-Warping Maps

Announcement Trailer Released for Free-to-Play Arena FPS “Hysteria”

A highly-anticipated announcement trailer for the free-to-play arena first-person shooter “Hysteria” has recently been unveiled. The standout feature of this fast-paced shooting game is its unique ability to transcend time and place, resulting in real-time changes to the game map due to space-time anomalies. Players must quickly adapt to the ever-changing conditions of the dynamic environment.

One of the most intriguing aspects of “Hysteria” is its wide array of weapons, spanning from Stone Age spears to modern heavy firearms and even near-future weaponry. With such a diverse selection of armaments at their disposal, players can expect thrilling combat encounters like never before.

Here are the main features of “Hysteria”:

Chaotic and Ever-Changing Map: A space-time disturbance known as “The Glitch” randomly alters portions of the map without warning. This means players will traverse various landscapes from different eras, including a prehistoric cave, a World War II battleground, and a neon-lit dystopian metropolis. Adaptability to these unpredictable changes will determine the success of the team.

High Replayability: With glitch mechanics altering the map during gameplay, no two matches in “Hysteria” will ever be the same. One moment, players may find themselves standing on a Stone Age cliff, only to have the ground beneath them transform into a WWII warehouse or a futuristic cityscape. The constant element of surprise keeps players engaged and eager for more.

Wide Variety of Ancient Weapons: Just like the landscapes incorporated into the game, players can choose weapons from various periods in human history. From a prehistoric hunting bow for stealthy takedowns to futuristic shotguns and sniper rifles, mastering the use of these diverse weapons is essential for victory.

Multiple Game Modes: “Hysteria” offers a multitude of game modes, including team battles and free-for-all matches where everyone becomes an enemy.

Fair and Balanced Gameplay: In “Hysteria,” only cosmetic items are available for purchase. Items that could provide a competitive advantage cannot be acquired through monetary means. This ensures a level playing field for all players, with skill rather than monetary resources determining the outcome of battles.

For those eager to get a taste of “Hysteria” before its official release, a playable demo will be available from October 10th to 17th during the upcoming Steam Next Fest. Participants in the demo will also receive exclusive octopus-themed skins, including the iconic StickyLock logo. If you’re interested in experiencing this thrilling FPS, be sure to add it to your wishlist and jump into the action.

Scheduled for release in 2024, “Hysteria” will be available on PC (Steam), PS5, and Xbox platforms.

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2023 10/04

StickyLock is a free-to-play arena FPS”Hysteria‘ An announcement trailer was released. The biggest feature of the high tempo shooting game “Hystera” is that the mapTranscends time and placeRandom changes in real time due to space-time anomalies. Players must adapt instantly to changing map conditions.

Weapons are also unique, with a variety of types ranging from Stone Age spears to modern heavy weapons and near-future weapons. Let’s take a look at its features below.


“Histera” announcement trailer.

Histera: Official Announcement Trailer

Main features of “Hystera”

Chaotic that changes in real timemap


“The Glitch” is a chaotic space-time anomaly that randomly deforms parts of the map without warning. Master different lands from the past, present and future.

Different eras collide, including a prehistoric cave, a city under siege during World War II, and a neon-lit dystopian metropolis. In the unpredictable and fickle frenzy of time, the team that can adapt best and fastest wins.

It will never be the same game twiceHigh replayability


No two games in Histera are ever the same, as glitch mechanics change the map during play. Just when you think you’re on a Stone Age cliff, the ground beneath your feet transforms into a WWII warehouse or a glittering high-tech cityscape.


A wide variety of ancient weapons

Just as “Glitch” incorporates various landscapes from the past and the future,Weapons can also be chosen from all parts of human history.ability The winner will be a warrior of all ages who can use all weapons.

Histera A prehistoric hunting bow to sneak up on the enemy hiding in the shadows, a spear for one shot kills, an SMG and an assault rifle for medium combat, a futuristic shotgun that can load fire rounds, a futuristic assault rifle and a rifle sniper Histera’s long-range anti-tank rifle

multiplegame mode

Histera Multiple game modes including team battles and free for all where everyone is your enemy

Basic playFree – Play to Win!


Only cosmetic items are sold; items that change competitive advantage cannot be purchased.

According to the developer, “Histera” is perfect for light shooter players and hardcore gamers looking for a satisfying experience.

“Histera” advance experience.

Bonus for participating in the playable demo. The octopus is used, which is also the StickyLock logo.

A playable demo of Histera will be held from October 10th to 17th during Steam Next Fest, an upcoming game festival. You can also get free skins that are exclusive to starting Early Access, so if you’re an interested player, be sure to add them to your wishlist and get involved.

“Histera” is available for PC (Steam), PS5 / Xbox, and the release date is scheduled for 2024.

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Source: Press release

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