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“Hysteric Glamor” Why is it trending? The cause is that man »Lmaga.jp

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The cause of the trend is … Hase brother! ?? (Photo courtesy of ABC TV)

At midnight on Monday, a mysterious phenomenon is occurring in which fashion brand “HYSTERIC GLAMOR” regularly trendes on Twitter.

“Hysteric Glamor” is a fashion brand based on American casual, with a collection that incorporates elements of rock, art, and subculture from the 1960s and 1980s. It was launched in 1984 by designer Nobuhiko Kitamura.

Such “Hysteric Glamor” entered the trend on Twitter at midnight on August 23rd. “Why Hysteric Glamor?” “I was impatient because I was crushed” “I miss you” “I used to wear it when I was a teenager” It was different.

“Ah, is it Hase Kore today?” “I looked it up because there was a hysteric glamor in the trend, and I was doing it after all (laughs)” “Kansai people who regret having missed the passing TV due to the trend of hysteric glamor …” Tweet. Because, in Kansai, “Hysteric Glamor” now means “Hase Kore”.

◇ What is “Hase Kore”, which is popular among Kansai people?

“Hase Kore” is a nickname for “Too Fashionable Hase Brother NGK Collection”, a special project of the Kansai local variety show “Narumi Okamura no Sugi TV” (ABC TV), in which comedian Narumi and Ninety Nine Takashi Okamura act as MCs. .. A camera is secretly installed in the lobby of the people involved in “Namba Grand Kagetsu”, and the program unilaterally introduces the coordination of the casual clothes of Hiroshi Hasegawa, a comic artist who enters the dressing room.

Hase’s novel outfit, known as Yoshimoto Ichi’s fashion monster, has been a hot topic every time, and with the memorable live commentary of DJ Hammer (Tenderer Hamamoto), it has become a popular corner since the beginning of the program in 2014. Since Hase brother appeared wearing “Hysteric Glamor” jeans and riders every time it was broadcast, the composition of “Hysteric Glamor trending = Hase Kore” became solid in the Kansai area.

From “Narumi Okamura’s Passing TV” broadcast on August 23 (Photo courtesy of ABC TV)

In the “Too Fashionable Hase Brother NGK Collection 2021 Summer” broadcast on the 23rd, white denim and red caps of “Hysteric Glamor” appeared, and DJ Hammer also said “His! Hysteric! Hysteric Glamor!” A scream of delight.

In SNS, there are many people who are waiting before the hysteric glamor comes out, saying “I’m waiting” and “I want to scream quickly”. There were a lot of people who enjoyed the familiar phenomenon, such as “I said” and “Entering the trend is basic four times a year in Kansai”.

The momentum of Hase’s fashionable trend has not stopped, and a new brand “HASE2” that serves as an artistic director is born. T-shirts, setups, sandals, and underwear designed with the “HASE2” logo and Hase brother’s mark will be on sale online, and “Namba Grand Kagetsu” (Chuo-ku, Osaka) will be on sale for a limited time from August 24th. A pop-up booth will open on the first floor.

The next “Hase Kore” will be around the fall of 2021, and I’m looking forward to seeing it enter the trend again. “Fashion Jason” by DJ Hammer, “Spanish version Tora-san is not a setta but sneakers”, “It was Hase brother ahead”, “Hase patience” and other power words exploded on the 23rd broadcast “Tver” Overlooked and delivered.

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