“Hyul” shows the skill of “Mother”, a drama that calls to tears.

“Hyul” shows the skill of “Mother”, a drama that calls to tears.

This is another Korean drama that received quite a positive trend in Dan Kimchi. For “Mother, this love is bound by heart”, watched it through “MONOMAX” (Monomax), which was remake from a Japanese drama. Written by the famous author Yuchi Sakamoto, who has been remake in various versions throughout Asia. Thailand has also led this series remake, starring “Pancake-Khemnit Jamikorn”, “Tai-Chutima Teepanat” and “Nong Maki”! This Korean version guarantees the hottest hits of this series by nominating for an award. Best Drama Award at Cannes International Series Festival, Nominated in 5 categories at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards, winning Best Drama Award and Best New Actress Award from a young girl “Feng Ayool, who was selected by up to 400 auditions! And it’s the first show for “Hyul” as well!

The series “Mother, this love is bound by heart” is the story of Su Jin, an elementary school teacher who noticed that Hye Na, one of her students, was often abused and abused by her real mother, Jayeong. Sujin and the police were always unable to do anything because Hye Na did not know that what she was doing was abuse. She kept telling people that she was nothing until Su-jin met Jayoung, her real mother, and Hye Na’s stepfather, Sol Akk, so she decided to save Hye Na from this villainous couple. Even though she looks impulsive, she is determined to be a mother to Hyena herself! The story of the two began unexpectedly, as if both Sujin and Hye Na were real mothers!

You can follow the fun story in the Korean drama “Mother, this love is bound by heart” starring Heo Yul (playing Kim Hye Na / Kim Yoon Bok), Go Sung Hee (playing Ya Jung Hee). ), Lee Bo Young (as Kang Soo Jin), and Lee Hye Hyung (playing Sa Young Shin) through MONOMAX (Monomax). Watch the end of every episode!



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