Hyun-a, directly denied allegations of abuse, “I haven’t been beaten”

Singer Hyuna directly denied the allegations of school violence (hereinafter referred to as abusing).

On the 23rd, Hyuna said through her Instagram on the 23rd, “Sometimes, when I get too disparate and misrepresented interests, I wasn’t enough, so I always thought that way. Even when I get angry, it’s just what I chose for my dream, so I have to laugh. I would be interested or I understood it.”

“I debuted at a young age around 15 and received a lot of love. I am really grateful. I will continue to lack it in the future, but I want to share my warm heart and live as I am now.” “Of course, there are many more stories that I can tell you, but I want to hear them. I’m afraid I’ll start playing as a child role from the age of 8, and from the 5th grade of 12 years old elementary school, I spent my days as an agency trainee raising my dream of becoming a singer, so my school days have come to me, but it was very regretful for me.”

He dismissed the suspicion, “What I want to say is, “I haven’t slapped you on the cheek, nor have you slapped anyone. I hope the person who wrote it will have many happy things in his heart.”

Her management company Pination also said in an official position, “Hyuna has never committed violence or harmed anyone, and I reiterate that the allegations raised this time are not true. We will respond with a firm position based on principles in the future to the spread of rumors and indiscriminate suspicion that are different from the facts.”

Earlier, on the 23rd, an online community posted a post titled’Hyun-Ah, I thought I would contact you first. Are you the first perpetrator of school violence?’

The author said, “I still remember, on the fifth grade of elementary school, on the day of the elementary school festival, I called it to a place called the backside of the school with my friends. When we were friends, we said that we had never had a friend like you and even said that we would come home if we didn’t come out?” “As soon as I went, there were three people, including you, and I thought about slapping them on the cheek, but it was uncomfortable if I had glasses, so I took off and threw them myself,” he said.

Then, as to the reason for revealing, “There is also the reason that there was no evidence, and who would believe it. The only evidence is the elementary school graduation album I attended with you, so I would like to believe it now. “?” and raised the suspicion of Hyuna’s school abuse.

Meanwhile, Hyuna released her 7th mini album’I’m Not Cool’ on the 28th of last month and is active as the follow-up song’GOOD GIRL’.

Reporter Yoon Jong Han [email protected]

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