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Hyun-jin Ryu, 8 wins in the season ‘first half finale’ by utilizing fastball

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Toronto Blue Jays Hyun-Jin Ryu’s right fielder Theoska Hernandez throws a stunning throw in the 5th inning against the Baltimore Orioles in Baltimore Orioles Park at Camden Yards, USA on the 8th (Korea time) in a crisis situation We are happy to prevent further runs. Ryu Hyun-jin pitched stably with 5 innings and 1 run in 5 innings that day, and with generous support from the team, he won 10-1 to get ‘8 wins in the season’. /yunhap news

Ryu Hyun-jin (34, Toronto Blue Jays) had a pleasant victory in his last appearance in the first half of 2021.

Hyun-jin Ryu played out as a starting pitcher in the MLB visit against the Baltimore Orioles at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on the 8th (Korean time) and struck out seven and gave only one point in five innings.

Ryu Hyun-jin threw 86 balls, allowing 5 hits and 2 walks.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who came down from the mound with a pitcher requirement in the 6th inning ahead of 9-1 thanks to generous support from the other line, won the game as the game ended 10-2 and laughed for the first time in 11 days since June 27.

Ryu Hyun-jin started in 17 games of the season and finished the first half with 8 wins and 5 losses and an earned run average (ERA) of 3.56. Three of their eight wins were taken against Baltimore, the weakest in the Eastern Division of the American League.

Ryu Hyun-jin, who was shaken by conceding four runs in the last two games for the first time in a Toronto uniform, struggled to escape from the slump.

Ryu Hyun-jin also suffered from difficulties in the early days of the game because it did not go the way he wanted. As more innings were added, such as 19 in the first inning, 22 in the second, and 23 in the third, the number of pitches did not decrease, but increased.

As the changeup, the most demanding of these days, did not improve significantly, Ryu Hyun-jin eventually raised the fastball ratio. A fast ball with a maximum speed of 149 km/h accounted for 52% of all pitches until the third inning.

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According to Baseball Servant, a baseball statistics site, Ryu Hyun-jin has 42 fast balls (49%), 18 changeups (21%), 16 cut fastballs (19%), 8 curves (9%), and 2 sinkers (2%). threw the The proportion of fastball was high.

Hyeon-Jin Ryu, who struck out Cedric Mullins in the first inning with a cut fastball that fell from the center, hit a double in the middle by Austin Hayes in the second. In a crisis, Hyunjin Ryu played a full-count battle and cooked Trey Mancini with a changeup by striking out. To the next batter, Ryan Mountcastle, he threw a curve with the decisive ball and struck out a wasted swing as well.

In the second inning, Hyun-Jin Ryu allowed Ryan McKenna to walk and Pat Burleika to hit the heavy hit after one shot, driving him to 1st and 2nd base. Ryu Hyun-jin, who caught the follow-up Domingo Leyba with a ground ball at second base, struck out Austin Wins with a big curve and finished the inning.

Ryu Hyun-jin walked out Mancini after two strikes in the 3rd inning, then caught a mound castle with a strikeout and sighed. In the 4th inning, who ran away 6-0, he finished the inning with a three-way strike for the first time on the day, but with the start of the fifth inning, he hit 3 hits in a row and ran out of runs. Then, he gave Hayes a sacrifice fly to center field and allowed one run.

In the ensuing one-off, first and third bases, Hyun-Jin Ryu avoided additional runs with a stunning throw from right fielder Theosca Hernandez. After catching Mancini’s ball, Hernandez threw it right into home and caught the tag-up third base runner.

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The Toronto strikeout scored three points in the first inning and lightened Ryu Hyun-jin’s shoulder. At first and second base, Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s batting ball went from a straight hit to a hit from left fielder after video analysis, and Toronto scored the first score. It appeared that Guerrero’s bat was cleared by Baltimore left fielder McKenner himself with a sliding catch, but video footage showed he caught a bound bat. Toronto escaped 3-0 with a ground ball from Randall Gritschick and a double from Caven Vizio in the first full base followed by a hit by Hernandez.

Toronto took a 6-0 lead in the fourth inning by adding one point by tying Vizio’s double and Lourdes Gurriel Jr.’s heavy hit and two doubles from Bo Bissett and Guerrero Jr.

Toronto pushed Baltimore away 9-1 in the sixth inning with a two-run homer from the left center of Bissett.

Second-generation baseball players such as Bisset, Guerrero Jr., and Vizio flew together with 8 hits and 7 RBIs.

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