Hyun Jin-young explodes dissatisfaction with his wife Seo-woon O ‘200,000 won for pocket money, I make money… ‘ |

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Photo = Screen capture of KBS 2TV ‘Salim Nam 2’ broadcast

Singer Hyun Jin-young complained about the 200,000 won from pocket money.

In KBS2’s ‘Salim Men Season 2’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Salim Nam 2’), which aired on the 2nd, Hyun Jin-young said, “I used a lot when I was young. At that time, I didn’t have any concept In 2005, I started a composer production business, but the company went bankrupt. Money Because I don’t know how to write, my wife owns the economic rights.”

Oh Seo-woon said, “I give my husband 800,000 won in pocket money and live with the rest,” but Hyun Jin-young said, “I can only spend 200,000 won for myself. It’s not really enough. Except for communication and gas costs, that’s all I have left. My shoulders are going down,” he said disgruntled.

Afterwards, Hyun Jin-young ran errands on behalf of his wife and went to the market alone. O Seo-woon nags Hyun Jin-young, who bought a lot of snacks with a joint living expenses card, saying, “Don’t go to the mart in the future.” In the end, Hyun Jin-young exploded, saying, “How can a man living on 200,000 won a month? Oh Seo-woon threatened, “Outgoing expenses are fixed and there is no cost that can be reduce Do not ask for a future allowance increase. If you say more, I will reduce your allowance by 100,000 won.”

In the end, Hyun Jin-young secretly robs the piggy bank while his wife sleeps and gets caught. Hearing the whining, he tried to take out the bottom, but he couldn’t get out a single penny, and Hyun Jin-young said again, “Please take out only 30,000 won,” showing a crush.

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