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Hyun-moo Jeon♥ Hye-seong Lee 3 questions wrong… Complete 16 hours of stopwatch to study and study, the king of genius

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Lee Hye-sung appeared in’Study King Jin-gyeong Hong Jin-kyung’. / Photo provided by Kakao Entertainment

Lee Hye-sung, a broadcaster from an announcer in’Study King Jin-gyeong Hong’, will transform into a daily teacher to give easy and fun math classes, and inspire passionate study to male and female students.

‘Study Wang Jin-jin Hong Jin-gyeong’, released on Kakao TV every Monday at 10 am, is a new concept educational entertainment in which celebrity students of the brain pure men and women who were’studyed’ such as Hong Jin-gyeong, Nam Chang-hee, Hwang Je-seong, Gri, and Din Dein learn the middle school curriculum together. . It is gaining popularity through informative classes held by daily teachers who have a reputation for studying skills, as well as fun with Hong Jin-kyung and students’ laughter Tikitaka.

In the episode that will be released at 10 am on the 31st, Lee Hye-sung will act as a math teacher and teach Hong Jin-gyeong, Nam Chang-hee, and Gri the’Theorem of Pythagoras’. Lee Hye-sung is planning to stimulate the passion of studying male and female students with a’study low tide’ beyond imagination by confessing his past, which was famous as a study bug during his school days before the beginning of class. Lee Hye-sung, famous for’brain girl,’ who was so wrong with only three questions on the SAT exam, studied without rest even at a food service, and he even heard a story from a friend saying, “If you don’t get 1st place by studying like this, you’ll be embarrassed.” It is said that the amount of study was unmatched. . She carried a stopwatch and surprised the men and women by revealing that she slept only after 16 hours of pure study time per day. Hong Jin-gyeong expressed gratitude, saying that he was more grateful for telling me how he studied honestly.

Following this, Hyesung Lee, who entered the’Theorem of Pythagoras’ class, draws figures and teaches the principles of the formula in an easy-to-understand manner, and all the students focus on the class with their eyes twinkling. Hong Jin-gyeong is going to immerse himself in class more than ever, burning his passion for study, as if he was influenced by the true story of Lee Hye-sung’s school days. Hong Jin-kyung, who said he would prove the formula himself, introduces himself as “Hongtagoras”, making Pythagoras’ theorem more sincere than anyone else. Furthermore, Lee Hyesung plans to fully understand Pythagorean’s theorem by immersing himself in the class as well as Hong Jin-gyeong and Nam Chang-hee through the familiar math class.

‘Study King Jin-Gyeong Hong’, which contains a story of Hong Jin-gyeong, the representative of the entertainment industry,’Brain Sun-nyeo’, will be released exclusively on Kakao TV at 10 a.m. every Monday, and a week later, you can meet on the YouTube channel of’Study Wang Jin-kyung, Hong Jin-kyung’.

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