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Hyundai E&C opens 10 consecutive wins… IBK, a victim of record-breaking

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Women’s volleyball Hyundai E&C has achieved a tie record for the most consecutive wins by running 10 consecutive wins since the opening.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, shaken by internal infighting in the team, failed to rebound with another defeat.

Correspondent Seong-Heum Cho.


It was Yang Hyo-jin who set the stage for the reversal of Hyundai E&C, which had been dragged on by IBK Industrial Bank’s tight defense.

Hyo-Jin Yang, who was behind 12-15, balanced by scoring three points in a row with a seasoned spike, and then Hyundai E&C, who led the game, took the first set.

When Yang Hyo-jin came back to life, Yasmin, who was shaking in the room, also gave strength.

Hyundai E&C finished the 3rd set of a close by one point with Yasmin’s bang.

In the fourth set, where momentum increased, Yang Hyo-jin’s blocking and Yasmin’s back-attack prevented the chase, and the game was overpowering.

Hyundai E&C, with 13 points by Yang Hyo-jin and 32 points by Yasmin, won 3-1 over IBK.

Hyundai E&C, the leader of the league, has run 10 consecutive wins since the opening, setting a tie record for the most consecutive wins in a team.

<양효진 / 현대건설> “‘It’s a good mood to have won 10 straight wins, and I don’t want to keep winning streak. Actually, like greed, I want to win every game, so I can always do well…”

IBK, which had its first win over Pepper Savings Bank in the previous game, failed to rebound as it was shaken again by the wave of departure from the claim.

OK Financial Group met Hyundai Capital and entered a five-set match.

Leo starts to lead with a bang and sub-ace.

Thanks to Leo, who scored 42 points, OK Financial Group won 3-2 after a full set match against Hyundai Capital and jumped to second place.

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