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Hyundai Motor Company unveils the first’Ioniq 5’applied for the first electric vehicle platform

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Hyundai Motor Company unveils the first’Ioniq 5’applied for the first electric vehicle platform

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Sold in two models: long range with 72.6 kWh battery and standard with 58.0 kWh battery

When applying individual consumption tax and purchase subsidy, long range exclusive trim can be purchased for the second half of 30 million won.

IONIQ 5. (Source: Hyundai Motor Company)

On the 23rd, Hyundai Motor Company unveiled’IONIQ 5′, which first applied E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform), a platform for exclusive use of its electric vehicles.

The brand name’Ion’, which is a combination of Ion, which generates energy from electric power, and Unique, which means Hyundai Motor Company’s originality, is named E. -The floor is flatter by applying GMP.

The distance between the axles reached 3000mm, which freed up space for occupants and improved the convenience of indoor movement. It is possible to move up to 140mm rearward, so it is expected that not only the first row but also the second row passengers can be used depending on the purpose.

By utilizing the two-row electric sliding seats that can move up to 135mm forward, the interior can be used in various ways as a space for rest, work, and leisure.

Hyundai Motor Company announced that the Ioniq 5 will be operated in two models, a long range with a 72.6 kWh battery and a standard with a 58.0 kWh battery.

The maximum driving distance for a single charge is 410 to 430km based on the long-range rear-wheel drive model (the result of our laboratory as measured by a domestic certification method), and for 350kW super-fast charging, 80% of the battery capacity is charged within 18 minutes and 5 minutes charged It can drive up to 100km. (Based on European certification WLTP)

The motor mounted on the rear wheel has a maximum output of 160 kW and a maximum torque of 350 Nm, and a four-wheel drive method can also be selected by adding a front wheel motor depending on the trim. (The sum of the four wheels is a maximum output of 225kW and a maximum torque of 605Nm.) In the case of the long-range four-wheel drive model, the time from stop to 100km/h is 5.2 seconds.

In addition, Hyundai Motor Company is equipped with a Disconnector Actuator System (DAS) that can separate or connect the motor and the drive shaft according to the driving situation, and freely switch between 2WD and 4WD driving methods to minimize unnecessary power loss and ensure efficient driving. Made it possible.

In addition, with the application of E-GMP, the heaviest battery is placed in the lower center of the vehicle, lowering the center of gravity and placing it in the center, as well as applying the rear 5-link suspension to the R-MDPS (rack-driven power steering) for handling and ride comfort. All basic performances such as driving stability have improved.

The heat pump system applied to IONIQ 5 is a technology that minimizes the reduction of the driving distance of electric vehicles that are affected by the winter temperature a lot.It uses waste heat generated from electric components such as drive motors for indoor heating to power the battery. Reduce consumption as much as possible.

Hyundai Motor Company also put great effort into the safety of the Ioniq 5. The collision load distribution structure was applied to the front of the vehicle to minimize the deformation of the passenger compartment.

For battery safety, aluminum reinforcement is applied to the battery protection section at the bottom of the vehicle, and hot stamping members are reinforced at the front and periphery of the battery to enhance collision safety.

In addition, the cooling block separation structure was applied to prevent coolant from flowing into the battery, ensuring safety even in the event of coolant leakage due to collision.

Ioniq 5 has a 400V/800V multi-fast charging system that uses various charging infrastructures. This multi-quick charging system uses the vehicle’s driving motor and inverter to boost the 400V voltage supplied from the charger to 800V optimized for the vehicle system and charge it, so that not only the ultra-fast charging infrastructure of the 800V charging system but also a general 400V charger can be used. Made it possible.

With the V2L function that can supply general power (220V) to the outside of the vehicle, it provides 3.6kW of power consumption, which is higher than that used in general homes, so that home appliances and electronic devices can be used without restrictions in various external environments such as outdoor activities or camping places Allows you to

In addition, the charging convenience is enhanced by applying the PnC (Plug and Charge) function, which allows you to automatically start charging by automatically performing authentication and payment as soon as the electric vehicle charging cable is connected.

Ioniq 5 secured safety and convenience by applying a variety of advanced driver assistance systems that can protect passengers from dangers inside and outside the vehicle, including advanced autonomous driving technology based on active safety.

In addition to front collision avoidance assistance (FCA), highway driving assistance 2 (HDA 2), navigation-based smart cruise control (NSCC), lane departure prevention assistance (LKA), rear collision avoidance assistance (BCA), safety disembarkation assistance (SEA), It has features such as Intelligent Speed ​​Limit Assistance (ISLA).

Ionic 5’s domestic pre-contract starts on the 25th. The long-range model has two trims, and the price is in the early 50 million won range for exclusive and mid 50 million won for prestige.

If the individual consumption tax benefits applied to electric vehicles (up to 3 million won) and purchase subsidy (12 million won, based on Seoul City) are reflected, it is expected that the Long Range Exclusive Trim can be purchased for an amount in the upper 30 million won. .

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