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Hyundai Motor Group’s electric vehicle targeting Europe in earnest | Save Internet New Daily

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▲ Ioniq 5ⓒ Hyundai Motor Company

The Hyundai Motor Group is launching the world’s first Kia Motors CV next month following the pre-booking of Hyundai Motor Company’s Ioniq 5, and is launching in earnest to attack Europe.

According to the Hyundai Motor Group on the 28th, Hyundai Motor Company’s first dedicated electric car Ioniq 5 was sold out in a day in advance in Europe and started to hit the box office. Ioniq 5 also set a new record in Korea, recording 23,760 units on the first day of the pre-contract on the 25th.

Ioniq 5 received a pre-contract in Europe for a limited of 3,000 units on the 25th in local time. As a result, it was sold out in a day with 10,000 people coming.

Hyundai Motors explained that it is highly probable that it will actually lead to purchase by receiving a pre-contract with 1.36 million won (1,000 euros) in Korean money in Europe.

Ioniq 5 was the first to apply E-GMP, a platform exclusively for electric vehicles of Hyundai Motor Group. In particular, it is equipped with an 800V charging system, so it can charge 80% in 18 minutes, and it can run 100km in just 5 minutes. This vehicle is a dedicated platform to increase space utilization by flattening the floor, and in the form of a crossover utility vehicle (CUV), the overall size is the level of Tucson, a semi-medium sports utility vehicle (SUV), but the axle distance (wheelbase) that determines the interior space is At 3000 mm, it is longer than the Palisade, a large SUV.

Kia Motors will also unveil the world’s first CV, the first dedicated electric vehicle next month. This vehicle was also based on E-GMP and realized the time to reach 100 km/h from a standstill in 3 seconds. It is known that the car name will be selected from EV1 to EV9.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor has set more than 70,000 units in Europe and 104,000 units for Kia out of 160,000 global electric vehicle sales targets this year, and plans to sell 62,000 units in Europe.



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