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Hyundai Motor union votes in favor of strike… The order of dispute at the time of voting

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The Hyundai Motors branch of the Metal Workers’ Union (hereinafter referred to as the Hyundai Motor Union) entered a vote in favor of strike on the 7th due to difficulties in wage and collective agreements this year.

The union started voting for about 49,000 union members at 6:45 am on the same day at the Ulsan plant, Jeonju and Asan plants, Namyang research institute, and sales stores.

Local labor-management experts analyze that there is a high probability that the vote will be passed on this day as there have been no cases in which the strike has been rejected in the past.

Voting results will be announced later tonight.

If the strike is approved, the union expects to set up a Central Dispute Response Committee to discuss whether a strike actually occurs.

However, the union has the right to strike legally only when the Central Labor Relations Commission decides that there is a large difference in the positions of labor and management and decides to suspend mediation.

It is known that the Central Committee will decide whether to suspend the mediation early next week.

If the union actually goes on strike, it will be the first time in three years.

The union reached a dispute-free settlement in the 2019 negotiations due to the aftermath of the Korea-Japan trade dispute and last year’s negotiations due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Both labor and management have expressed their will to reach an agreement before the summer vacation scheduled for early next month, and the union has also declared that it will not strike unconditionally, so there is a possibility of a dispute-free settlement this year as well.

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Meanwhile, in this year’s negotiations, the union has demanded a 99,000 won increase in wages (excluding regular and salary increases), a 30% bonus, extension of the retirement age (up to 64 years old), and maintenance of domestic factory jobs.

On the 30th of last month, the company offered a basic salary increase of 50,000 won (including salary increase), 100% bonus + 3 million won, quality improvement incentive of 2 million won, and welfare points equivalent to 100,000 won, but the union rejected it.

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