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Hyunjin Ryu Showers – Kwanghyun Kim – Cloudy and then Sunny – Hyeonjong Yang – Cloudy

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The schedule for the first half of the Major League Baseball season ended on the 12th (Korean time). In the first half of the major league, even when the Corona 19 issue was not over, Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels), who ranked first in home runs (33) in the big leagues, did not have a quiet day due to the craze and regulations on the use of foreign substances that increase the rotational speed of the ball Major League Baseball, with the Home Run Derby on the 13th and the All-Star main game on the 14th, will enter the second half of the schedule, which will become more intense from the 16th.

When the season started, the only Korean players included in the big league entries were Toronto Blue Jays’ Hyunjin Ryu and San Diego Padres’ Haseong Kim. However, as Kim Kwang-hyeon (St. Louis Cardinals) and Choi Ji-man (Tampa Bay Rays), who started the season from the injured list, joined, at the end of the first half, the ‘Korean Big League’ increased to four. Yang Hyun-jong (Texas Rangers), who joined the big league in April and appeared in eight games, is currently relegated to Triple-A.

Still, 2021 is a very meaningful season for the ‘Korean left-handed trio’, followed by Hyun-Jin Ryu, Kwang-Hyun Kim, and Hyun-Jong Yang. This is because it is the first season in 9 years since 2012 that the three legendary left-handed pitchers of the KBO League, which dominated the 2000s and 2010s, are playing on the same stage. However, as of the completion of the first half of the schedule, the report card received by the three Korean left-handers and the position they currently occupy in the team are completely different.

[류현진] Ups and downs but not broken

Ryu Hyun-jin, who ranked first in the MLB overall ERA (2.32) and second in the National League Cy Young voting in 2019, the last season with the Los Angeles Dodgers, moved to Toronto last year with an outstanding record of 5-2. took third place in the vote. It was a season in which neither the influence of the infamous American League East Division transfer nor the burden as an ace who became the team’s highest-paid pitcher was felt. It means that Ryu Hyun-jin was recognized as a true big league elite pitcher.

Toronto still wandered between Florida and New York, unable to return to their home stadium, the Rogers Center for the 2021 season. Hyunjin Ryu appeared in 17 games in the first half of 2021, his second season after moving to Toronto, and recorded a record of 8 wins, 5 losses and 3.56. Considering that Hyun-Jin Ryu has never recorded an ERA in the 3-point range for the past three years from 2018, the 3.56 ERA recorded in the first half is bound to feel a little unfamiliar.

To be more specific, Hyun-Jin Ryu allowed seven runs in 5.2 innings against the Houston Astros on June 5, 6.2 innings against the Baltimore Orioles on June 27, and gave up five runs in four innings against the Seattle Mariners on July 2nd. In fact, excluding these three games in the first half of pitching, Hyun-Jin Ryu’s first half record changes to 7 wins, 3 losses and 2.73. It was fortunate for Ryu Hyun-jin that he met Baltimore, who entered the rebuilding mode early at the end of the first half, which could have been shaken three times and got all victories.

In order for Toronto to jump into the ranking competition in the American League East Division in the second half of the year, ace Hyun-jin Ryu will have to work hard to win the game. If injured players, including Julian Meriwether, who caused a sensation at the beginning of the season, return and the trade deadline is reinforced with a bullpen, Hyun-Jin Ryu can keep the mound much more comfortable. Baseball fans are expecting Ryu Hyun-jin in the second half of the year to relive the greatness of 2018 (ERA 1.88 in the second half).

[김광현] 3 wins in a row after sluggish 1 win 5 losses

Kim “KK” Gwang-hyun, who surpassed expectations by recording 3 wins, 1 loss and 1.62 saves in 8 games in the rookie season, was the only left-handed person in the St. As it was the last year of his two-year contract, Kim Kwang-hyun was also planning to raise the ransom further with good results. However, Kim Kwang-hyun’s plan for the season went awry when he suffered a back injury during the spring camp demonstration game.

Kim Kwang-hyun, who started the season from the injured list, won his first game in the second game of the season, but fell into a swamp of four straight losses from the San Diego game on May 17th to the Cincinnati Reds on June 5th. From the beginning of the game, he conceded a lot of runs and there were not many games that were relegated early, but the season was twisted as they could not get over important hurdles. Kim Kwang-hyun remained sluggish with a record of 1 win, 5 losses and 3.98 until the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 26.

Kim Kwang-hyeon, who seemed to end the first half like that, made a surprising turn in the last three games of the first half. Starting with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 5 innings and 1 run on July 1st, the San Francisco Giants in 7 innings without a score on the 6th, and the Chicago Cubs in 6 innings on the 11th. The ERA, which was looking at the 4-point range, has also dropped to 3.11, raising expectations for entering the 2-point range in the second half.

On the 12th, MLB.com predicted that Kim Kwang-hyun could be a good trade if St. Louis gave up the fall baseball challenge in the second half and became a ‘seller’. Of course, for Kim Kwang-hyun, the best scenario would be to finish the season in St. Louis, where catcher Yadier Molina and other familiar teammates are there. However, if he transfers to a team that is likely to advance into the postseason through a trade, it is not bad for Kim Kwang-hyun to be recognized as much.

[양현종] The road to big league comeback is not easy

Yang Hyun-jong, a ‘147-win pitcher’ who declared a major league challenge after the end of last year’s season, did not give up his will to challenge the big league even though the expected level of offer did not come, and eventually signed a split contract with Texas. However, Yang Hyun-jong, who lacked time to prepare due to a delayed contract, was not included in the opening entry with an ERA of 5.40 without winning or losing in five games in the spring camp. In the end, Yang Hyun-jong started the season with a ‘taxi squad’ that can be called to the big leagues when there is a vacancy due to Corona 19.

After a short and long wait on April 26, Yang Hyun-jong, who was called up to the big leagues, gave up 8.2 innings and 2 runs in two bullpen appearances, and finally got a chance to start in the big leagues. Yang Hyun-jong pitched 3.1 innings in a game against the Minnesota Twins on May 6, his big league starting debut, and came down the mound. However, Yang Hyun-jong struck out 8 out of 10, leaving a strong impression on manager Chris Woodward and Texas fans.

Yang Hyun-jong got three more starting chances after the match against Minnesota, but failed to seize the hard-earned opportunity. Yang Hyun-jong lost three consecutive losses against the New York Yankees on May 20, conceding two runs in 5.1 innings, against the Angels in 3.1 innings on the 26th, and against Seattle on the 31st, and was relegated to the bullpen. Yang Hyun-jong, who did not get a chance to appear in the bullpen for 10 days, gave up two runs in 1.1 innings against the Dodgers on June 12 and was relegated to the minor leagues as Ian Kennedy returned from the injured list.

Yang Hyun-jong, who was assigned by Texas on June 18, chose to stay in the minor leagues. In order to return to the big leagues, 33-year-old rookie Hyun-Jong Yang has to achieve outstanding results in Triple A. Yang Hyun-Jong, who has appeared in four games, currently has only a 5.51 ERA without winning or losing. For reference, the ‘parent’ KIA Tigers, where Yang Hyun-jong was active until last year, announced that they would actively negotiate with Yang Hyun-jong as soon as he announced his intention to return to Korea.

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