Hyunjong Yang of KIA, 1st place in the second round of all-star fan voting

Hyunjong Yang of KIA, 1st place in the second round of all-star fan voting

Defeated Kim Tae-gun by 11,554 votes
11 categories of KIA’s ‘Best 12’
Samsung also leads the Dream 9 spots

By Choi Dong-hwan, staff reporter cdstone@jnilbo.com

Posted 2022-06-20 15:59:49

Shinhan Bank SOL KBO All-Star ‘Best 12’ selected KIA starting pitcher Yang Hyun-jong, who has the highest number of votes as a result of the second interim count of fan voting. Provided by KIA Tigers

Yang Hyun-jong (34), ace of the KIA Tigers in professional baseball, took first place with the most votes in the second round of all-star fan voting. Yang Hyun-jong and other KIA players swept 11 categories out of Nanum’s ‘All-Star Best 12’ in the second interim count following the first round.

On the 20th, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) announced the results of the second round of fan voting for the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO All-Star ‘Best 12’.

In the fan voting that has been held since the 8th, Yang Hyun-jong of the Nanum All-Star (LG, Kiwoom, NC, KIA, Hanwha) starting pitcher division won 744,826 votes and sprinted to the top of the list with the most votes.

In the first interim tally announced on the 13th, Yang Hyun-jong took second place with 328,486 votes, 5571 behind Samsung catcher Kim Tae-gun. However, by 5 pm on the 19th, he gained an additional 418,340 votes, outpacing Kim Tae-gun, who had a total of 735,272 votes, by 11,554 votes, and climbed to the top.

If Hyun-Jong Yang, who is aiming for his fourth personal ‘Best 12’ in four years after the 2017 season, holds the most votes until the end, he is the player with the most votes for a pitcher in 9 years since LG Bong Joong-geun, who received the most votes as a candidate for the Western relief pitcher in 2013. becomes

It will also be the second time since Bong Joong-geun, the only pitcher in history to record the most votes for an All-Star Best. As there was no case where a pitcher had the most votes before 2013, when the selection of the All-Star Best Pitcher division was divided into selection and salvation, there is a possibility that Yang Hyun-jong will write the history of becoming the first pitcher to get the most votes as a starting pitcher.

KIA, currently in 4th place in the league, is still leading in 11 places in Nanum’s ‘Best 12’ except for one outfielder.

Middle pitcher Jeon Sang-hyun (610,963 votes), closing pitcher Jung Hae-young (69,515 votes), catcher Dong-won Park (58,4923 votes), first baseman Dae-in Hwang (684,523 votes), second baseman Seon-bin Kim (628,205 votes), Third baseman Ji-hyeok Ryu (667,504 votes), shortstop Chan-ho Park (627,718 votes), and designated hitter Hyeong-woo Choi (683,768 votes) are running for the first place in the second half of the tally following the first round.

In the outfielder division where three players are selected, Na Seong-beom (71,7469) took first place, and Socrates (593,0009 votes) took third place, respectively. Outfielder Kiwoom Lee Jeong-hoo (600,80 votes) is the other team in second place.

In the Dream ‘Best 12’, Samsung players are leading in 9 places. However, it is expected that there will be more fierce competition in Dream compared to the KIA players who are widening the margin early.

In the second baseman division, Lotte Ahn Chi-Hong obtained 472,576 votes, closely following Samsung Kim Ji-Chan (57,199 votes), the leader by 97,623 votes. Samsung Lee Won-seok (476,747 votes) and SSG Choi Jeong (394,507 votes), who also run first in the third baseman division, have only 82,240 votes apart.

Among the players outside of Samsung, SSG Kim Kwang-hyeon (690,2021 votes) in the starting pitcher division, SSG Han Yu-seom (538388 votes) in the outfield division, and Lotte Lee Dae-ho (679,991 votes) in the designated hitter division rose to an advantageous position. have.

Fan voting for the All-Star Game ‘Best 12’ will continue until 5 pm on July 3rd.

A KBO official said, “It is still too early to predict the results of the fan voting for the ‘Best 12’ of the All-Star Game. It is expected,” he said.

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