I am also fixed on the leading! Unboxing GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 Power Supply / New Cost Effective Option, ATX 3.0

UD series power supply has always been the choice of GIGABYTE power supply products with significant CP value. This time GIGABYTE launched the first 1300W UD1300GM PG5 power supply in the UD series. The UD1300GM PG5, which boasts a service life extremely durable, uses the main Japanese container and has a HYB Smart 14cm mute fan and improved cooling fins, passed the Intel ATX 3.0 specification test and 80 Plus conversion rate gold certification! The standard length of 16cm uses a fully modular cable design with enough space to hide cables The original factory provides a 10-year warranty for after-sales service, so there is no problem in stable use.

GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 Power Specifications:
Specification: Intel ATX 12V v3.0 Form Factor
PFC: active PFC (> 0.9 typical)
Input voltage (AC): 100-240Vac
Input current: 15-6.5A
Input frequency: 60-50Hz
Output wattage: 1300W
Output Voltage (DC): +3.3V, +5V, +12V, -12V, +5VSB
Dimensions: 150 x 160 x 86 mm
Fan: 140mm HYB fan
Conversion Rate Certification: 80 Plus Gold
Power wire: full module wire
Warranty: 10 years
Protection system: OVP / OPP / SCP / UVP / OCP / OTP
Cable connectors: 1x 24 Pin motherboard connector, 2x 8 Pin CPU connector, 1x 12 + 4 Pin 12VHPWR connector, 8x 6+2 PCIe connector, 12x SATA connector, 6x Peripheral, 2x flexible

Unpacking the GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 Power Supply

A few months ago, this website brought GIGABYTE’s new “UD850GM PG5 rev 2.0” power supply out of the box. The main update focuses on complying with the Intel ATX V3.0 specification and natively supporting 12VHPWR power supply cables. especially from GIGABYTE mainstream Among the power supply product lines, UD850GM PG5 / UD850GM PG5 rev 2.0 is launched for gamers to buy.

This time GIGABYTE has added the brand’s first 1300W power supply to the Ultra Durable power supply product series. The UD1300GM PG5 also complies with the Intel ATX 3.0 standard and supports a 12VHPWR power supply. It also has a quality Japanese main capacitor. high 105 ° C. and a better cooling solution, and a large 14cm HYB fan and many other product features are all included in this 16cm standard length power supply.

∆ UD850GM PG5 rev 2.0 and UD1300GM PG5 power supply.

∆ GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 outer box packaging display.

∆ The number of wire connectors and basic specifications are printed on the outer box.

GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 is 2cm longer than the 14cm of UD850GM PG5 rev 2.0, and the specification is 150 x 160 x 86 mm, which is 16cm long. If the case you choose is a compact mid-tower case, maybe which you will need to adjust HDD mounting brackets or other methods to gain more cable hiding space.

Now that the size of the power supply itself has increased and it has to bear a higher wattage power supply capacity, GIGABYTE stuffed a larger 14cm HYB hydraulic bearing fan inside to bring better heat dissipation performance and help the power supply dissipate the heat of the fan itself has When the power supply is under low load, the intelligent mute function will automatically stop the fan to reduce the noise and get the quietest use situation.


∆ 14cm HYB hydraulic bearing fan.

∆ Current and power related table.

The side of the power supply is printed with mechanical style totems and Ultra Durable series patterns. There are only large area cooling holes in the rear exhaust direction and there are no other switches, that is, the smart fan stop function cannot be turned constructed. away.

GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 uses a full module cable layout. You can install module cables according to the cables required by the PC. Compared with the previous straight-out cable method, it can save more space for cable storage .Each module cable slot has It has white text labels and framed classes Players must remember not to perform miracles when installing!

∆ Power supply side and rear display.

∆ Remember to remove the attached protective film!

∆ Fully modular cable slot.

The inside of GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 is cooled by a 14cm HYB smart silent fan and a better heat dissipation solution. After disassembling the power supply, you can see that there are multiple heat dissipation fins inside. Better heat dissipation performance can extend the service life of components internal .

The main capacitor in the power supply uses all-Japan 105°C capacitors, and has six multiple protection designs such as OCP, OTP, OVP, OPP, UVP, and SCP, as well as national safety certifications to ensure stable operation the power. GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 is converted through 80 PLUS The 80 PLUS specification requires the power supply to have an energy efficiency of 80% or higher under the rated load of 20%, 50%, and 100%, and the power factor must be higher than 0.9.

∆ 14cm fan.

∆ The internal architecture of the power supply.

∆ Use Japanese capacitors.

Intel has launched a new ATX12V V3.0 power supply design guide and specification, but ATX 3.0 does not have a certification mark like 80 Plus, but it is added on the product box by the power supply brand itself, so how do you’ n know the power Has it passed the Intel ATX12V V3.0 specification?

In fact, Intel also has a free ATX 3.0 power supply verification test platform. It uses a test instrument worth about 6.08 million Taiwan dollars to conduct a thorough six-hour test fully automatically, which includes more than 600 test items. After the end, it will summarize about 90 pages. Test reports and design improvement suggestions, after passing the test certification, if the manufacturer is willing to reveal Intel, it will be put in the form of its own website.

∆ Passed Intel ATX12V V3.0 test and certification, and published on Intel’s official website.

GIGABYTE UD series power supplies have always used black flat module wires. Flat wires are easier to wire on the chassis without enough space to hide wires on the back of the motherboard. However, the GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 wire itself is soft and hard, and it may need to be bent Give a little extra effort to tie.

A set of ATX 20 / 24-Pin motherboard power supply connectors is provided. There are two 8-Pin CPU connectors. Leading motherboards such as Z790 AORUS XTREME require two 8-Pin power supplies. The GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 8-Pin power supply can also be plugged in fully powered.

∆ One 24-Pin cable for the motherboard with black flat design, the length of the cable is 610mm.

∆ Two 8-Pin CPU power supply wires, the length of which is 650mm.

The traditional PCIe 8-Pin graphics card power supply interface provides three ya-shaped breakout wires and two straight wires out one end, all of which are also designed with black flat wires.

∆ Three double-ended PCIe 8-Pin black flat cables with a length of 650 + 150mm.

∆ Two straight PCIe 8-Pin cables with a length of 650mm.

GIGABYTE specially updated the UD PG5 model in the Ultra Durable series, in order to natively support 12 + 4 Pin 12VHPWR power supply wires, with NVIDIA RTX 30/40 series new generation graphics cards, no need to use adapter wires, 12VHPWR wires are 12 The +4 Pin connector is 16-Pin, and the 12VHPWR wire has a relationship between wire diameter and arrangement, so it is wrapped with a braided outer layer to protect the wire.

∆ 12VHPWR single braided outer wire, total wire length is 700mm.

∆ 12+4 Single power supply limit pin is 600W, same as UD850GM PG5 rev 2.0.

∆ When installing, make sure both ends of the wire are plugged in.

There are two different types of power cables for additional devices. One has four SATA connectors with a 180° lay angle at the end. There are a total of three or a total of twelve SATA power connectors.

The other cable has three large 4-Pin (Peripheral) connectors and a Floppy flexible power supply connector. There are two in total, that is, six Peripherals and two Floppy, but these two power supply interfaces are already very common on the board new generation work Less used.

∆ Three SATA 4x cables, cable length is 650+150+150+150mm.

∆ Two peripheral and 3x flexible cables, the length of the cable is 600 + 150 + 150 + 150mm.

∆ Fringe and Hull aren’t used much now.

∆ AC wires, screws.

GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5 Power Test

This time the power supply test platform processor uses the 13th generation Intel Core i9 13900K, and has a flagship Z790 AORUS XTREME motherboard, and a GeForce RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G graphics card for testing The software uses OCCT AVX2 and AIDA64 FPU + FurMark dual Do two kinds of stress test for reference, and check and record the values ​​reported by the motherboard environmental control chip by HWiNFO 64. There will be a deviation of 1~3% in software monitoring. The data on for reference only.

testing platform
Processor: Intel Core i9 13900K
Radiator: VALKYRIE C360-RGB
Motherboard: Z790 AORUS XTREME (rev. 1.0)
Memory: T-FORCE DELTA RGB DDR5 6200 MT/s 16GBx2
Graphics card: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G
OS: Windows 11 Professional 21H2
Power supply: GIGABYTE UD1300GM PG5
Water cooling fan: LIAN LI UNI FAN P28

First, use the OCCT AVX2 mode to perform a load stress test on the processor and the graphics card at the same time After 15 minutes of the stress test, you can view the data through the Super I/O environmental control chip on the main supply. First, the +12V is maintained at Maximum 12.096 V ~ minimum 12.024 V, then +5V is maintained at maximum 5.040 V ~ minimum 5.010V.

∆ The maximum power consumption of i9 13900K is 305.66W; the maximum power consumption of RTX 4090 is 462.56W.

∆ OCCT AVX2 mode software stress test for 30 minutes, the value is reported by the ITE IT8689E environmental control chip.

Next, use AIDA64 FPU + FurMark, which is often used to test the stability and temperature of processors and graphics cards, and bake both software at the same time to perform high load stress tests. Here, HWiNFO 64 is used to view motherboard information and record data.

According to the data received after 20 minutes of testing, +12V is maintained at a maximum of 12.096 V to a minimum of 12.024 V, then +5V is maintained at a maximum of 5.040 V to a minimum of 5.010V, and the last + There is 3.3V is maintained at a maximum of 3.324V to a minimum of 3.205V.

∆ AIDA64 FPU + FurMark software stress test, and the data collected during the test.

During the AVX2 OCCT test, FLIR ONE mobile phone’s dedicated infrared thermal imaging camera was used to check the temperature of the power supply and wires The 12VHPWR power supply wire of the display card was directly connected to the display card’s power supply slot, and the adapter wire supplied with the display card was not used.

∆ The cooling air outlet of the power supply is 45.3 °C.

∆ 32.5 ° C for the power supply end slot area of ​​the module’s power supply wire.

∆ ATX_12V CPU power socket area on the motherboard is 35.2 °C.

∆ GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G powered by 12VHPWR 45.8°C.


This time, GIGABYTE has added the first 1300W power supply that breaks through the kilowatt level in the Ultra Durable value-added power supply series. At the same time, UD1300GM PG5 is also the first 1300W power supply model among all GIGABYTE power supply products.

Although the UD1300GM PG5 has increased its body length from 14cm to 16cm due to its increased wattage, the internal fan has also increased to 14cm The HYB smart fan is used, and the built-in smart fan stops Can the function to get better silence The internal use of the main Japanese capacitors has passed Intel ATX 3.0 specification and 80 Plus gold conversion rate test and certification. The security part includes OVP/OPP/SCP/UVP/OCP/OTP, etc. of circuit protection designs, and various product features such as a 10-year warranty and fully modular cable design.

Considering that the Ultra Durable series have always been quite cost-effective GIGABYTE power supplies in the past, the author guesses that the price of the UD1300GM PG5, which is expected to be launched in early June, should not be too high .In the test , even with 13900K, Z790 AORUS XTREME, and GeForce RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G and other leading hardware tests also stable power supply ability and good performance. If the price is very sweet and sweet when it going on the market, it is definitely a new power supply option worth referring to.

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