I am from the North Shore and moved to a foreign country: the South Shore


When this writer bought a house in Quincy, he wasn't sure that his parents would ever see him.

With Jon GoreyApril 17, 2019

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I still remember the first time I saw Boston's skyline from the “other” side.

Some friends and I had visited a college friend who lived south of Boston and, driving home at night, the city I knew almost looked at my whole life, brighter . . . and completely uncommon. Like Orion to see over Argentina, it was extremely exciting.

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This is not a mood that you often hear about the Southeast Expressway. But since then my lafa stream of taillights is my runway to Boston, and even after 10 years, it's still somewhat foreign.

I grew up north of Boston, where the city is looking around Exit 33 in Medford. So when my wife and I bought my first house in Quincy after being rented in the city for several years, my parents were hardworking; I could also tell them that we were moving to Tokyo, or Saturn.

Boston was a neutral land, like MetroWest, where my brother decided more reasonably. But the South Shore? They all thought that we would forfeit any future chances of sitting baby-free. (It is the case that a grandchild magnetic traction is stronger than Boston traffic.) T

We know that there are a handful of other exiles in the North Shore here, but around Boston, people seem to meet mostly the city side – and look at the other side with something like a strange interest. “I get crazy if I cross the bridge going north, it's like a huge center for me,” John Zuffante, one of Quincy's neighbors and natives.

Indeed, residents who moved to the Boston area in the last year are more likely to have come from a different state or country than from another county in Massachusetts, according to census data.

Somerville Deputy Chief Fire Officer Bill Hallinan and his wife grew up in Somerville, and now live in Andover. The issue would be moving south from the city for many reasons, he says, but the roads are a big one. “The traffic on the South Shore is terrible. Just terrible, ”says Hallinan.

Dana Bull, a realtor with Sagan's International Harbor Sotheby grew in Marblehead, up in Acton, where the North and South Shore appeared to be far impossible, ”she says. When Bull Salem arrived to find a job after college, she was impressed by the architecture and quintessential of New England. “It was like getting into a new world that I never knew there.”

Bull says that a couple with a connection to the opposite sides of the city is a common problem to choose from north or south. “I have seen many couples in the vicinity of Charlestown so that they are close to both,” she says.

My wife is from New York, so we were good at talking about where we were, while it was a walking community close to Boston and the ocean. Quincy is a big booster, but it seems that some of the people outside me, because there are some key cultural aspects in the South Coast. I have never heard of the Edaville Family Theme Park or Blackrock Beach before I moved here, for example – we went to Canobie Lake Park and Hampton Beach as children. And I never know so many people who play hockey.

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Jenn Ormond, a friend of the Qufeey chain, Coffee Break Cafe, has a friend who grew up on the North Shore but moved to Quincy about ten years ago – and also feels new for the area. “She still drives the North Shore for her errors, as she feels like a home with her,” says Ormond.

However, Ormond does not consider it limited to the North-Shore Shore segmentation; people just stay close to home, she says, where is the home, because life is already busy and complex enough. “I think we all live in our own happy bubble, and we don't want to be far too far from our comfort zone,” she says. “But when you try it, you realize how small the world really is.”

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