I am the president of the company! A 10-year-old boy owns 2 companies, gets rich until he retires at the age of 15.

Australian news agency It presents an amazing story. of a 10-year-old girl who now owns two companies and has made millions in the past 7-8 years after her mother started a toy company for her daughter when she was just two years old. This is said The girl was able to retire at the age of 15 and have the money to spend the rest of her life without working again.

Pixie Curtis 10 years old, the eldest daughter of Roxy Jacengo Mother of Sydney, Australia, currently working as a PR for a private company. but spend time with children by raising children to start doing business at a young age Her mother started her first company for Pixie in 2014, when the girl was just two years old at the time, under the name Pixie’s Bows, selling children’s accessories.

before at a later time when pixies grow up and always studied business from her mother At the age of 10 she started her second company, Pixie’s Fidgets, a children’s toy company. Pixie’s Bows and Pixie’s Fidgets are now under parent company Pixie’s Pix.

Business experts predict that Over the next few years, Pixie’s company will have a market capitalization of A$21 million.

Pixie’s mother, Roxy Jacengo, told that she joked in the family that Pixies should have retired at 15, while the mother herself might have to work all the way to 100. however She said that teaching her children to run a business not pressure But it’s her own way of spending time with the kids, and Pixie is enjoying her business planning, investing, and dreaming of big dreams like having a nice beach house and a Lamborghini. Luxury cars too.

Besides the pixies Her mother has now started a small business for her 7-year-old son, Hunter.



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