“I believe there will be other victims.” Ryang Hyeon-Ryang-Ha Ryang-Ha, ‘Scoop World’ repeats the devil’s editorial – Reporter Seo-rin Oh

Ryang-ha by singer Ryang Hyeon-ryang-ha reiterated how broadcast editing is handled.

On the 20th, Ryangha posted an article on her personal Instagram story saying, “Thank you so much for your interest even now.”

He continued, “I worry that there will be other famous victims if I go silent like this.”

Liang Ha’s Instagram

Before that, Ryangha appeared on ‘Special World’, which aired on the 1st, and his recent status was revealed. On this day’s broadcast, Ryangha said that he had not been in contact with his older brother Ryanghyun for two years, and that he was asking where he was.

However, regarding the trailer released before the broadcast, Ryangha said, “I decided to put my efforts into standing alone as it is, and in the meantime, the reason I can’t connect with Ryanghyun is that he respects Ryanghyun’s tendencies . he said.

Ryangha said, “It’s not that we can’t communicate, it’s just that we respect and support each other as artists, so I said, ‘This is our attitude.’ .

After the broadcast, Ryangha posted on his personal Instagram a conversation he had during a call with the producers of ‘Special World’, saying, “I had an urgent filming schedule, and my acquaintance also rushed to Busan to contact me and ask for interview, but after cutting off all important words, Ryanghyun I made a comment I was looking for, and only that part live and sent it out.”

Ryang Hyeon-ryang-ha has been inactive since the last album in 2010.
Reporter Seorin Oh reporter@topstarnews.co.kr

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