I broke 10 million won and it was ‘awesome’… Big discount on BMW to end ‘Mercedes love’ [왜몰랐을카]

BMW 5 Series, No. 1 in sales in January
10 million earned a discount offensive effect
Big discount Audi A6 also selling ↑

Mercedes E-Class (left) and BMW 5 Series [사진출처=벤츠, BMW]

The BMW 5 Series, which remained ‘Number 2’ for six years, took the Mercedes E-Class ‘Number 1’ from the first month of the new year.

BMW Korea beat Mercedes-Benz Korea thanks to the good performance of the 5 Series. This is because BMW Korea’s aggressive discount offensive was effective.

This is the result of analyzing statistics from the Korea Import Vehicle Association (KAIDA) and the Kaizuyu Data Research Institute, which uses data from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on the 7th.

Sales in January, BMW 5 Series↑ Mercedes E-Class ↓

mercedes benz e class [사진출처=벤츠]

According to Kaizuyu Data Research Institute, 2,209 BMW 5 Series units were sold in December. Sales increased by 95.5% compared to the same month last year.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class sold 2817 units, up 1.5% from the same month last year. The BMW 5 Series was second behind the Mercedes E-Class, but the gap was narrowed significantly.

In January this year, the BMW 5 Series beat the Mercedes E-Class. The number of units sold is 2124 and 945, respectively. The BMW 5 Series increased by 6.4% compared to the same month last year, while the Mercedes E-Class decreased by 49.8%.

The Import Car Association’s monthly best-selling car statistics also show that the BMW 5 Series counterattack has been fierce since the second half of last year.

The BMW 5 Series, which was massively pushed by the Mercedes E-Class, started to form an equal position last year.

In September last year, 1,885 units were sold, and only 1,348 units were sold, the Mercedes E-Class. However, as it was delayed until the third quarter, it did not have the power to turn around.

BMW 5 series
BMW 5 series [사진출처=BMW]

Last year, 21,166 units of the BMW 5 Series and 28,318 units of the Mercedes E-Class were sold. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class also set a record of being the top selling imported car for six consecutive years from 2017.

The BMW 5 Series, which started chasing the Mercedes E-Class from last year, took the top spot in sales in January this year. It has been 4 months.

Thanks to the success of the BMW 5 Series, BMW Korea was also first in imported car brand sales. Last January, the number of units sold was 6089 units. It increased by 9.7% compared to the same month last year.

Mercedes-Benz Korea sold only 2,900 units, down 14.8% from the same month last year. Audi closely followed Mercedes Korea in third place with 2,454 units, up 93.4% from the same month last year.

I heard there is no business in car sales and discounts

mercedes triangular star symbol
Benz’s triangle [사진출처=벤츠]

The imported car industry analyzes that the secret behind BMW Korea’s position is its aggressive discount policy.

Since November last year, BMW Korea has been aggressively offering discounts when a sales crisis has come due to rising installment interest rates and shrinking consumer sentiments.

We strengthened year-end promotions that pretty much disappeared after the new car shipping crisis caused by automotive semiconductor shortages. A discount of about 10 million won was applied not only to unpopular vehicles but also to popular vehicles.

The BMW 5 Series, the brand’s top selling model, was sold at a discount of up to 9.9 million won. The BMW 520i is 8.1 million won cheaper at 59.5 million won, and the BMW 530i is 9.9 million won at 66 million.

BMW’s popular SUV, the X5, also broke 11 million won. The BMW X3 and X4 were also provided at a low price of 2 million to 4 million won.

Mercedes E-Class (left) and BMW 5 Series [사진출처=벤츠, BMW]
MW 5 Series (left) and Mercedes E-Class [사진출처=벤츠, BMW]

The Audi A6, which competes with the Mercedes E-Class and BMW 5 Series, is also coming out at a discount of 8 million won to 10.5 million won.

Mercedes-Benz also launched a discount, but showed a relatively passive movement. It began discount sales focusing on low-selling vehicles.

The Mercedes EQS, a large electric car, was discounted by 9.43 million won. In the case of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, currently receiving a discount of approximately 3 million to 4 million won.

An industry expert said, “For BMW, which lost the first place title because it was hit by the Mercedes E-Class since 2016, it is desperate for the first place title that can form a trending atmosphere.” Mercedes-Benz, whose brand value is so high, is passive in price reductions for its ‘luxury’ image.”

He added, “However, Mercedes-Benz will be able to raise the amount of the discount if sales decline due to BMW’s active promotional offensive and the result of interest rate hikes.”

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