I called her “Mom”… A hamburger delivery woman met the daughter she abandoned 20 years ago.

Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported on the 30th of last month that a woman who works as a delivery person at McDonald’s met her daughter, whom she left 20 years ago, but was criticized for even ignoring this.

According to SCMP, a middle-aged woman who works as a delivery man at McDonald’s in Taiwan met her daughter who she left behind 20 years ago while giving birth earlier this month.

Because they had ordered 4 portions, the girl saw her mother the moment she came out to pick up the food herself. The woman discovered that the man in labor was her mother and cried out on the spot, calling her “mother.”

Only then did the delivery man realize that the woman who ordered the food was the girl who left 20 years ago.

However, the laboring man turned away from his daughter. The mother, who did not think she would see her daughter again in this world, said, “I will pay back what I owe my daughter in the next life,” and she said she did so without her daughter’s knowledge.

She continued, “I could tell my daughter was living a happy life seeing that she had a handsome husband and well-educated children.” He said his daughter was brought up well and he has no regrets.

The delivery man posted the story on his Facebook page.

Netizens who heard the news criticized his actions, such as “Too selfish,” “He abandoned his daughter twice,” and “He called the girl who abandoned him ‘Mom’ and turned away,” SCMP reported.


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