“I can’t breathe, so tears, water in my lungs…” Lee Ji-hye reveals behind-the-scenes of her second childbirth (video)

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[인사이트] Reporter Jeong Hyeon-tae = Broadcaster Lee Ji-hye talked about her difficulties after giving birth to her second child.

On the 20th, Lee Ji-hye (43) posted on her YouTube channel, “I gave birth and returned with my second child. From the end of caesarean section to the first meeting with Mini,” the video was released.

On this day, Lee Ji-hye said, “It’s the second day, and my recovery is faster than I thought, so I’m going to see the baby.”

Then, with one day left before the expected discharge date, Lee Ji-hye turned on the camera again and said, “I don’t think I’ll be able to be discharged tomorrow. It’s hard to breathe when I’m pregnant and the last month, right? confided

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Lee Ji-hye said that her condition did not improve and that she only slept for an hour the night before.

Lee Ji-hye, who had taken a lung X-ray, said, “There seems to be an opinion that ‘a little water may be full'” and “I will take a diuretic and wait.”

A few days later, Lee Ji-hye was discharged from the hospital.

Lee Ji-hye said, “Now I can breathe, I can sleep, and I’m eating well.”

InsightYouTube ‘Undisliked Kwanjong Unnie’

Moon Jae-wan said, “My wife couldn’t breathe since the mini was born. She cried.” And Lee Ji-hye said, “It seems to be the effect of hormones.” “I took a diuretic for 3 days and came to the kitchen and got a lot better. Now breathing is almost uncomfortable. It’s not enough,” he reassured the fans.

Lee Ji-hye said, “There seems to be a lot of cases like this. Old people said that pulmonary embolism and blood clots were dangerous.”

Lastly, Lee Ji-hye was confident, but she said that giving birth to a second child seemed more difficult.

InsightYouTube ‘Undisliked Kwanjong Unnie’

YouTube ‘Undisliked Kwanjong Unnie’



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