‘I can’t cheat’ Jae-ah and Lee Dong-guk’s eyes moistened with tennis player-level daily life

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Lee Dong-guk, Kim Byung-hyun, Lee Hyung-taek ‘Sports DNA’ The ‘real’ daily life of a woman and the ‘steamed’ chemistry perfectly captivated viewers.

In the first episode of Channel A’s ‘Super DNA Can’t Cheat Blood’ (hereafter, ‘Blood Can’t Cheat’), which was broadcast on the 10th, Lee Dong-guk’s Jae-ah, Lee Hyung-taek’s Mina, and Kim Byung-hyun’s ‘Kung-jjak’ or ‘Tie-kick’ chemistry, daily life, and unusual educational methods were all in detail. It was introduced and aroused a lot of interest. The audience rating that day was 2.1% (based on pay TV households nationwide) based on Nielsen Korea’s count, signaling a fresh start. In addition, it has proven its explosive popularity by taking control of various portal sites and SNS issues.

The main characters of ‘Can’t Bleed’ are Lee “The Lion King” Lee Dong-guk, who is considered a ‘legend of legend’ among Korean sports stars, ‘tennis emperor’ Hyung-taek Lee, ‘MLB World Series 2-time winner’ Kim Byung-hyun, sports announcer Chan-min Park, and two of them. were three

These sports stars met at the studio with MC Kang Ho-dong, Kim Min-kyung, and Jang Ye-won, and engaged in a noisy ‘childcare chat’. The three ‘legend stars’ are usually so close that they show off a ‘flame talk’ confrontation with unusual chemistry, while they check each other out with a realistic ‘canny’ reaction and burst a ‘laugh bomb’ nonstop. The conversation about ‘sports parenting common sense’ did not stop, and it also resolved the curiosity of parents and viewers who are interested in the education method.

First, the daily life of Lee Dong-guk’s daughter, Jae-ah, was revealed through VCR. Jae-ah surprised even his father Lee Dong-guk with his ‘adult athlete-level daily routine’ that trains ‘6 days a week’. Lee Dong-guk’s eyes became moist as he watched Jae-ah’s daily life doing everything alone. In this regard, Lee Dong-guk analyzed, “I grew up watching my father from a young age, so I think my daily routine is well established.” Then, as the ‘super DNA’ that Jae-ah inherited, he chose “steadiness, effort, concentration, and physicality” and acknowledged that “it can be seen as suitable for exercise.”

Also, about Jae-ah’s ‘one way to play tennis’, which she has been running since she was 7 years old until now, he confessed frankly, “I like tennis so much that when my daughter was born, I wanted to play tennis.” Jaea also confessed, “I first played tennis when I was 7 and thought, ‘Oh, I should play tennis.

In particular, on this day, Jae-ah’s training ground drew attention with Kwon Soon-woo, a leading tennis player in Korea, who won the ATP championship for the first time in 18 years since Hyung-taek Lee and was ranked 52nd in the world. Jae-ah showed extraordinary skills, such as taking the lead in the confrontation with Kwon Soon-woo. In particular, in the 2:1 doubles match of ‘Dad Lee Dong-guk Jae-ah VS Kwon Soon-woo’, he showed off his breathing, making Kwon Sun-woo exhausted. After the game, Kwon Soon-woo praised Jae-ah for saying, “I’ve improved a lot”, and did not spare the advice of ‘the blade’, saying, “I need to do more step training.”

Following this, the daily life of Lee Hyung-taek’s daughter, 12-year-old Mina, was revealed. Mina, who stole the hearts of aunts and uncles from the studio and LAN with her lovely charm, was ‘Lee Hyung-taek Bungeoppang’ by anyone looking at it. From his cute appearance to his perfect athleticism in ‘soccer, tennis and golf’, and his ‘Kongnyang-kong-nyang’ tone, he captivated the attention with his full charm.

Lee Hyung-taek said, “I started playing with tennis racquets when I was 3 years old.” He was particularly good at soccer, scoring two goals alone in a match with boys, leading the team to a ‘2:1’ victory. At Mina’s ‘Full Power Kick’, Kang Ho-dong also said, “The class is different.” Lee Dong-guk said, “It’s not a skill I’ve learned (soccer) for a year or two. Using the soles of the feet is different,” he said.

Mina, who headed to the tennis court one after another, was praised by the coach for her powerful swinging skills and bouncing bouncing like a ball. However, the father, Hyung-taek Lee, did not stop nagging his daughter, and was attacked by Lee Dong-guk and Kim Byung-hyun, who said he was “jingling” and made me laugh. Mina also made everyone burst into laughter with her familiar reactions, such as deliberately singing songs or making other noises, to Lee Hyung-taek’s ‘nagging attack’. In addition, Lee Hyung-taek revealed to Mina, who was heading home after the sun went down after finishing tennis training, saying, “It would be nice if Mina could play tennis, but it’s not forced.” Mina said, “How about badminton? (I) think that a comedian will do well too,” he replied, giving a sensual laugh.

The main character of the last VCR was Kim Byung-hyun’s ‘super DNA 2nd generation’, the first daughter, Min-joo. 12-year-old Minjoo drew attention with his athletic nerves at first glance, such as skipping rope and doing double jumps at the Taekwondo arena. Minju, who is taking part in various sports such as taekwondo, swimming, track and field, golf, and rhythmic gymnastics, said, “Even if it’s hard (exercise), I want to be recognized by my dad”, making everyone moved.

Even at home, Minju took out a mat and performed rhythmic gymnastics as easily as if she were playing. As Kim Byeong-hyun continued the difficult stretching motion to break Min-joo’s waist, he exploded his worries, saying, “Don’t overdo it.” Nevertheless, Kim Byeong-hyun was proud of democracy’s ambition of “I will play golf and buy a hotel”, saying, “I feel like I have a ‘player’s temperament’ just like me.”

On the other hand, Kim Byung-hyun asked what the ‘super DNA’ that Min-joo inherited was like, and he said, “I have good concentration. Even if we watch TV together, we continue to watch for 10 hours until the end.” When Lee Dong-guk pointed out, “Can I change it to a book?”, Kim Byung-hyun said, “I fell asleep when I read the book. When I tell Minju to ‘don’t study too hard’, they say, ‘Yes, there is no such thing.

In the trailer for the following week, Park Chan-min’s daughter, Min-ha, who is rapidly emerging as a ‘shooter’, appeared and heralded a daily public release, causing a burst of anticipation. Curious about how Min-ha became the gold medalist in the national shooting competition and what kind of training she is receiving, and what kind of education method and nutrition her father Park Chan-min is raising Min-ha with.

Meanwhile, ‘Super DNA Can’t Cheat Blood’ is a real observation program that reveals the daily life and special education methods of ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ of ‘Sports 2nd Generation’ and 5 ‘Legend Stars’ including Lee Dong-guk, Kim Byung-hyun, Lee Hyung-taek, Nam Hyun-hee, and Park Chan-min. It airs in 10 minutes.

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