I can’t stand the ‘bad dominoes’… Samsung manager Lee Sang-min resigns

Last grade – from confirmation to drunk driving… PO failed after the 2017 championship game
For the rest of the season, as a substitute for Lee Kyu-seop
Discipline for 54 games: Ki-beom Cheon announces retirement

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Samsung coach Lee Sang-min (50, photo), famous for his ‘computer guard’, resigned abruptly after taking responsibility for the team’s poor performance and a series of accidents.

On the 26th, Samsung said, “The club has accepted this manager’s intention. The remainder of the season will be played by coach Lee Kyu-seop.”

Although Lee was the best star player in his career, he was not lucky as a coach. Director Lee, who has been driving fans of ‘Oppa’s Troop’ like a cloud since his days at Yonsei University, retired in 2010 after spending splendid active years at KCC, Samsung, and the national team. Taking the helm of Samsung in 2014, Lee took the team to the semi-final playoffs in his second season. In the 2016-2017 season, he advanced to the championship match by placing 3rd in the regular league. Although they missed the championship cup by being pushed to KGC with 2 wins and 4 losses, it provided an opportunity to reverse the preconceived notion that ‘star leaders do not succeed’. However, they failed to advance to the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season. Again this season, with 7 wins and 27 losses, he fell to the bottom of the table, leaving irreparable flaws in his splendid history. During each season, major foreign and domestic players were injured, and the players who were ambitiously recruited through trades did not play their role.

Bad things continued. Kim Jin-young, who was recruited in the first round of the 2019 draft rookie, was caught driving under the influence last year and withdrew from the army as a result of disciplinary action. Ahead of this season, the team was infected with Corona 19. Cheon Ki-beom, who returned from his military service from Sangmu, had a drunk driving accident while the club atmosphere fell to the bottom due to severe poor performance. Recently, a player and four team officials have tested positive for COVID-19.

It was a situation that the director could no longer endure. Manager Lee, who held the battalion for the longest time in Samsung’s history, left a record of 160 wins and 241 losses (win rate 0.399) in 401 regular league games.

Meanwhile, Cheon Ki-beom, who received a 54-game suspension for drunk driving, also took moral responsibility and announced his retirement.

By Yoo Jae-young, staff reporter [email protected]



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