“I can’t take it anymore”… Hundreds protest in Guangzhou over coronavirus lockdown

From Haizhu District to the streets of hundreds of residents
Protest pushing police barricades

On the 9th, in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, a resident passes an item over a barricade in front of an area blocked by Corona 19. [AP = 연합뉴스]

Violent protests against the authorities took place in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, where lockdown measures were imposed to prevent Corona 19. Bloomberg reported on the 15th, citing a video from China’s social network service (SNS), that an unusual protest took place in Haizhu District , Guangzhou, where hundreds of residents marched through the streets and pushed the barricades set up by the police. Protests took place in poor neighborhoods in the city center, where mostly farmers live, and local authorities sent several police cars to the scene to respond to the protests, Bloomberg reported.

China controls social media to prevent further deterioration of public opinion. According to Bloomberg, on this day, posts and videos related to the Haijiu District protests disappeared from Weibo and WeChat, China’s largest social networks.

As of the 14th, there were 5,124 new infections in Guangzhou, and the recent spread has been steep. Local authorities sealed off Haizhu District at the end of last month, and Panyu and Liwan districts have also been blocked so far, but they have not been able to stop the spread of Corona 19. Recently, China has been easing some of its restrictive policies, such as shortening the mandatory quarantine period for new arrivals, but it is not enough to calm the frustration and anger of the people who have been under strict control for almost to three years under the ‘Dim. Corona Policy. “People downtown are getting more and more upset,” Bloomberg said. “Chinese people’s anger is growing, and China’s lockdown does not contain Corona 19.”

However, the Chinese authorities still adhere to the ‘zero corona’ policy. Chinese media Pengpai reported that Huang Kunming, party secretary of Guangdong Province, instructed officials to “clear the community of the virus as soon as possible.” Bloomberg reported that despite the containment policy, the number of confirmed corona19 cases in China is increasing, but the state media is still repeating the attitude of keeping to zero corona19.

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