“I did it 100 times, but I made a mistake 1 time”… Kim Byung-chan’s ‘awkward’ reflection statement 40 years in prison

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With the Sindang Station murder, awareness of the crime of stalking is higher than ever.

Kim Byung-chan, who brutally murdered his ex-girlfriend, who was under police protection a year ago, was sentenced to 40 years in prison at the appeals court.

The court increased the sentence five years more than the first case, blaming Kim Byeong-chan for not knowing whether he was reflecting sincerely.

Reporter Son Gu-min will tell you.

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Kim Byung-chan, who visited his ex-girlfriend for almost a year, imprisoned the victim and threatened him with a weapon.

When the victim reported the stalking damage to the police, he ignored the restraining order and approached the victim and brutally killed him with a knife.

[김병찬 (작년 11월)]

“I’m sorry I’m sorry.”

Kim Byeong-chan claimed it was an “accidental crime”, but the judge of the first trial dismissed it, saying, “He prepared a hat and a weapon to cover his face in advance, and committed the crime deliberately, and attacked the a victim who begged and fled to the end.”

The court of first instance sentenced him to 35 years in prison.

Kim Byung-chan has admitted to the crime and is reflecting on it, but he appealed, saying that the punishment was too heavy.

However, the second trial court refused, saying, “It is doubtful whether Kim Byung-chan reflects sincerely.”

Even in the remorse sent to the court, he said, “Even if you do well a hundred times, if you do a wrong step once, it’s a shame that everything is dismissed as your fault.”

Kim Byeong-chan still maintained that it was an accidental crime rather than a revenge murder, but the court admonished the victim, saying, “I threatened the victim by saying, ‘What would you do if you attack while commuting?’

The court of appeal said that the sentence for the first time was rather light, sentencing him to 40 years in prison, which was increased by another 5 years, and keeping the order to wear an electronic anklet for 15 years.

[피해자 동생]

“You have to take into account the hardships you had during your life… After hearing the remorse, I’m afraid of this… maybe you can take revenge against us.”

When a stalking woman reported a sexual assault, Lee Seok-jun, who murdered the woman’s mother and left her brother in critical condition, appealed, saying the punishment was too heavy when he was sentenced to life imprisonment in the first case.

This is Gumin Son from MBC News.

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