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David Beckham was photographed outside the Palace of Westminster in London last weekend. Wearing a black suit and black hat, he joined many people to greet the Queen of England. He insisted on not using privileges to break the queue and waited in the same line for almost thirteen hours, which sparked heated discussions among netizens. However, when interviewed by the live media afterwards, he admitted he had made a “mistake”.

I didn’t want to be noticed

Choose to start queuing at two in the morning

On the same day, David Beckham, who was joining, was interviewed by a reporter from the British television station “ITV News”.to expressoriginally just wanted to come quietly to say hello: “Originally I thought if I lined up at two in the morning, there would be less people and they wouldn’t attract attention, but I was wrong ! Everyone seems to have this idea , and they all chose this early in the morning. Come and line up for a period of time.”

David Beckham, dressed in black, looked very low and did not want to be found by the public and media present, but he was eventually found. It is said that he refused the invitation of local parliamentarians to “skip the line” and enter the venue directly. In any case, he must insist on a line to enter the venue, and he does not want to use the privilege. No matter how long the line is, stand and keep waiting.

The reporter knew that David Beckham had been injured and asked if his “knee” was okay? David Beckham revealed that the knees are fine, but the back and feet are not! In fact, in the long queue, the body has already experienced load and pain.

However, when people wanted to take pictures on the road, David Beckham still refused to come, smiling at the camera, very close to the people.

Meeting the Queen’s Ark

David Beckham can’t hide his excitement

However, entering the Palace of Westminster, David Beckham’s expression became very serious. He took off his hat, could not hide his excitement, and was photographed by the media wiping the tears from the corners of his eyes. On the same day, after almost 13 hours in the line, David Beckham finally saw the coffin of the Queen of England and paid his respects. No matter how long, how tired, or how sore his body is, he still insists on not breaking the queue and waiting patiently.

After that, David Beckham did not share the news of queuing to see the Queen on his social platform, but he wanted to end it quietly and keep the memories in his heart.

David Beckham did not get privileges and queued to see the Queen’s news screen, which was praised by many local Britons, who described David Beckham as a great British gentleman, setting a perfect example for the British, and showing his respect to the Queen.

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