“I don’t lie, I have no affair or corruption”… Hyung-sun Yoon, Jae-myung Lee, Jo-joon Jeong


People’s Power candidate Yoon Hyung-seon, who ran in Gyeyang, Incheon, by-elections for the National Assembly by-election, criticized his rival Lee Jae-myung, the Democratic Party candidate.

Yoon Hyung-sun “I have no affair or corruption”

In a telephone interview with YTN Radio’s ‘News King Park Ji-hoon’ and a telephone interview on the 20th, Candidate Yoon said, “I do not think this election is a fight between Yoon Hyung-sun and Lee Jae-myung.” “This time, Gyeyang-gu residents It is an election that will protect the sovereignty of the people and create a foundation for the Yun Seok-yeol government to do its job well.”

Candidate Yoon continued, “This is an election that wastes people’s money because of the political greed of the Democratic Party’s mayor Song Young-gil.”

When asked what his strengths were compared to candidate Lee Jae-myung, Candidate Yoon said, “If I can only say one thing, my strength is to think of it as the opposite of everything that candidate Lee Jae-myung is criticized and criticized.” “I’m not involved in corruption and corruption. I don’t know how to talk and I don’t know how to talk. I’m not going to be investigated, and I don’t do politics for the sake of personal achievement.”

Currently, suspicions of corruption have been raised against Lee, such as the controversy over preferential treatment for Daejang-dong development, the donation of Seongnam FC, and the personal misappropriation of his wife Kim Hye-kyung’s corporate card. Also, this candidate’s purpose of running for Incheon Gyeyang this time is being criticized as ‘running in bulletproof’ to aim for the privilege of non-arresting members of the National Assembly.

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In response, Candidate Yoon said, “All citizens and most of the residents of Gyeyang-gu know this very well. I know very well that (Lee) came to Gyeyang not to go to prison, to enjoy the privilege of non-arrest, and to save a bulletproof vest.” Local voters are agreeing that it is time to find Gyeyang, so I feel a greater sense of responsibility.”

Candidate Yoon said, “It’s been less than a week since this candidate came here, and by the time of the election, it will probably be less than 25 days.” And I will not use Gyeyang,” he said confidently.

Lee Jae-myung, the controversy over tree pruning at the election office

Candidate Yoon also raised the voice of criticism in relation to Candidate Lee’s campaign. Candidate Yoon pointed out, “He said he would work hard as he came late, but he doesn’t support elections outside during the day,” he said.

Candidate Yoon continued, “Hundreds of people at the site (election campaign) take pictures every night, and there are more than 10 YouTubers,” he said.

Candidate Lee is also being criticized for cutting down all the branches, leaving only the stems, so that the street trees in front of his election office do not cover the advertising banners covering the exterior walls of the building. In response, Lee’s side countered that the branch was pruned in February, before running for office.

Candidate Yoon responded to Lee’s objection, saying, “It was very nice to see a large, decades-old tree in front of[Lee’s]election office. The water rose beautifully for months, but I brushed it off.”

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According to an official from the Gyeyang-gu Office, it was revealed that the pruning was carried out in accordance with the ‘Wind Road Creation Project’ in February, rather than pruning by Lee’s side.

“I’m sorry about the poll results… Golden Cross will happen soon”

Candidate Yoon, who said that he was “a bit disappointed” in the results of a recently announced poll showing that he was lagging behind candidate Woo, explained, “The bottom was so different. I think the opinion polls are probably influenced a lot at first.” .

Candidate Yoon said, “Especially if this candidate comes out as 9 as 9 in the media reports, I think I will come out around 1. Those things will have a lot of influence.” “The results are much better than what they are now.”

“Our party has a lot of expectations and promises to give full support to this region,” said Yoon, adding, “Our prediction seems to be that the Golden Cross will happen around this weekend.”

Meanwhile, in a poll conducted by Realmeter on the 16th and 17th by MBN on 806 men and women over the age of 18 who lived in the Gyeyang constituency, Candidate Yoon recorded 40.9% and Candidate Lee recorded an approval rating of 50.8%.

The poll cited in the article used 90% wireless and 10% fixed automatic responses. The sampling error is ±3.5%p at the 95% confidence level.

For detailed outlines and details of the poll, please refer to the Realmeter website or the website of the National Election Opinion Survey Deliberation Committee.


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