“I don’t shake hands with Sani Kim” Cool directors

Following Cha Sang-hyun, rejection is likely to continue
Kim Hyung-sil “IBK, I hope you manage it wisely”
Shin Chi-yong “They say that the director is under a deputy”

For the time being, it seems that volleyball fans’ attention will be drawn to the opposing team’s bench every time the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea plays in the women’s professional volleyball team. The coaches of the remaining six women’s clubs announced that they would not shake hands with Kim Sani, acting manager of IBK (40, photo).

With the departure of setter Jo Song-hwa (28) and acting coach Kim last month, discord within the team has surfaced, and it is interpreted as a protest from the women’s coaches against the club’s sacking of manager Seo Nam-won and general manager. On the 27th of last month, GS Caltex manager Cha Sang-hyeon (47) had refused to shake hands with acting coach Kim before and after the game.

As the IBK crisis continues for a long time, voices in the volleyball world are calling for a solution to the problem. Pepper Savings Bank manager Kim Hyung-sil (69), who is the best among the 14 men’s and women’s teams, also said, “It’s not common sense, so it’s a pity it’s not common sense before the game on the 28th of last month. I hope you will do it wisely,” he said. Shin Chi-yong, former head of the Jincheon Athletes’ Village (66, former general manager of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance) also raised his voice of criticism against the club’s actions, saying, “I can hear stories that the manager’s position is lower than that of the front desk assistant.”

In the field, there are also stories of dissatisfaction with the situation in which all pending issues are sunk into the IBK crisis. At the Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) working committee (meeting of the secretariats of each team) scheduled for the 3rd, it seems that the IBK incident will be the main focus instead of discussing various issues such as the holding of the All-Star Game and the venue of next year’s Cup tournament. The Federation decided to hold a reward and punishment committee for the orchard flower on the 2nd at the request of the Industrial Bank of Korea. Meanwhile, on the 30th, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) in the men’s division won 3-2 (24-26, 17-25, 25-21, 25-21, 15-11) against Korean Air, beating OK Financial Group and leaping to the top. In the women’s division, GS Caltex defeated KGC Ginseng Corporation 3-0 (25-17, 25-22, 25-15) and took second place.

Reporter Hong-gu Kang [email protected]

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