I don’t understand why my mother left so soon; Actress Pavitra Lakshmi in pain of separation

Pavitra Lakshmi with Amma | Photo: instagram/ pavithra lakshmi

RActress Pavitra Lakshmi’s mother passed away two weeks ago. He was being treated for cancer for a long time. Pavitra Lakshmi shared a note on Instagram saying that she is yet to come out of the grief of her mother’s death.

It says in the note that the mother is a superwoman who raised a daughter on her own and longs to see her once more and eat the food made by her hands. He has also shared pictures with his mother on social media.

‘I still haven’t gotten over the pain of losing my mother. I don’t understand why my mother left so soon. There is peace that the journey has gone to a place where the pain my mother has been experiencing for five years is no longer there. Amma was always a great woman and a great mother.

Raising a child alone is not easy. Mother did beautifully. I long to see my mother again, to talk to her and to eat the food she made. But mother left without leaving another chance. All I have to ask is that my mother should always be with me even though she is invisible.

Thank you to my loved ones who shared in my grief and stood in front of me. I don’t know what I would do without you. Thanks to Adi and Vignesh for making her laugh and comforting her during her last days. Mother loved you more than me. Mother’s blessings will always be with you. Apologies for not answering calls and messages from loved ones. I am not still out of grief. Guaranteed to come back to you stronger.’ Pavitra Lakshmi says in the note.

Hailing from Coimbatore, Pavithra Lakshmi acted in the Malayalam film Ullasam. Mani Ratnam’s Ok Kanmani premiered on the silver screen.


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