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Now that many companies are implementing remote work, the number of people working from home is increasing. I am also a writer and illustrator, so I work every day without leaving my house, but these days, it becomes a hassle to have video conferences and phone meetings with people every year.

Posted May 18, 2023,Nuko-sama photo diary @ is updated every day at 18:00 @nukosamaoh“I will call you at a convenient time!”A particular cartoon was attached to the tweet. The post has more than 13,000 likes, and has become a hot topic on Twitter.

This time, we will present the details about this tweet and the different opinions received in the reply section.

I don’t want to answer the phone even if it’s convenient

The twitter manga begins with a scene where the author of the main character takes out cancer insurance to prepare for old age.

A man who appeared to be an insurance salesman asked me, “I’ll avoid calling you during business hours, so would you mind telling me when it’s convenient for you?” I think I can,” the hero replies.

(Image provided by “Nuko-sama-chan @ photo diary updated at 18:00 every day (@nukosama)”)

The point here is that I said “I think I can go”, but I didn’t say “I’ll come anytime”. The main character tells the salesman, “You’re welcome to call me,” and the company is called off for the day.

Later, while I was admiring the cat at home, I received a call from the insurance company on my smartphone. The main character notices that his smartphone is ringing, but does not try to answer the phone. Finally, the phone stops ringing.

(Image provided by “Nuko-sama-chan @ photo diary updated at 18:00 every day (@nukosama)”)

(Image provided by “Nuko-sama-chan @ photo diary updated at 18:00 every day (@nukosama)”)

Lying on the floor, the main character, who has a distant gaze that can’t say anything, reveals his true feelings, “I don’t want to answer the phone even if it’s convenient,” and the manga this concludes.

(Image provided by “Nuko-sama-chan @ photo diary updated at 18:00 every day (@nukosama)”)

The comments section is a storm of sympathy!

Twitter users who saw this tweet said, “I can sympathize so much … I always think that I should remove the call function from my smartphone. “, “I understand very well! It is a convenient time . .. I don’t have a special time to answer the phone. I don’t have a record, so I tend to forget the content, so I really want you to do it by email…” Various comments were sent in the an answer column, such as those who wanted to treasure it.

Also, in the comments, “I understand. I also try to start by saying, ‘Since the basic phone is in silent mode, so contact me by email or chat.'” There are also voices says that they take a preemptive style in order not to be called.

It seems that the telephone is becoming a painful thing for many modern people.

I’m also the type who doesn’t like talking on the phone, so I understand Nuko-sama’s feelings very well. Recently, AI voice sometimes calls me, but I still get nervous during calls, so I can’t help it.

The photo diary manga is distributed on Twitter every day!

The poster, Nuko-sama-chan, added to the previous tweet, saying, “They called me twice in the morning and at noon, and there seems to be an answering machine, but it’s very troublesome to check … I really like I don’t want to answer the phone unless I’m someone like that. Would you like me to send you an email?”

This post is a cartoon about the desire to avoid answering the phone as much as possible, even if it’s convenient. I apologize to the insurance company that called me many times, but I’m sure there are many readers who have sympathized with the main character’s feelings.

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