“I envy my North Korean friends. I want to go to North Korea”… Gyeonggi Office of Education Webtoon Controversy (Comprehensive)

Superintendent Lee Jae-jung “I feel responsible for not managing… Efforts to prevent recurrence”

(Suwon = Yonhap News) Reporter Ryu Su-hyeon = The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education uploaded a webtoon about the school life of North Korean students at an elementary school in the province on the official social network service (SNS), but deleted it after the controversy over praising North Korea.

Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education, Controversial Webtoon

[온라인 커뮤니티 갈무리. 재판매 및 DB 금지]

The provincial education office posted a webtoon titled ‘I envy North Korean friends!’ on Instagram at around 7 pm on the 26th.

It is known that an elementary school teacher in the province sent a story to the provincial office of education about an anecdote he had with his classmates in class, and a company that received a service request from the provincial office of education made it into a webtoon.

The overall content of the webtoon is that the teacher introduces the children to the school life of North Korean children.

The problem arose when children in a webtoon who saw pictures of North Korean students going on a picnic responded, “I envy North Korea. I’m going to a picnic,” unlike South Korea, where picnics are restricted due to the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

Then, when the teacher explained that in North Korea, once a homeroom teacher is selected, it does not change well until graduation, and the students said, “Wow, I really want to go to North Korea. There is also a scene where he says, “Listen.”

Some netizens who came across the webtoon criticized the provincial education office, saying, “North Korean refugees are risking their lives to escape their limbs” and “(This webtoon) is actually a praise for North Korea.”

It was reported that the webtoon was deleted around 10 am on the 27th, the next day, after it became controversial.

An official from the Provincial Office of Education said on the 29th, “In order to capture the vivid voices of the school site, the review and approval of webtoon contents was reduced to a minimum, so it was not enough to thoroughly check the controversial parts.” We have deleted the webtoon,” he explained.

“We will strengthen the internal discussion and review process for all content in the future so that a similar incident does not occur again,” he added.

Superintendent Lee Jae-jung said, “I feel responsible for not doing well (webtoon content management).”

The Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education, which has about 13,000 Instagram followers (subscribers), has been introducing stories as webtoons after receiving requests for stories from teachers, students, and parents since last year.

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