“I FEAR FOR MY SAFETY!” Dalila Dragojević is asking for the help of the police – The director did not agree to return the money to him –






Dalila Dragojević recently ended her cooperation with Hype Television and will soon start a new business chapter on Red TV.

Allegedly, the famous lady did not honor the contract with the mentioned television, so a lawsuit was filed against her.

Dragojević recently spoke in front of the portal’s cameras Serbia Todayand she did not want to comment on the lawsuit of the director of Hype Television, Saša Mirković.

– I really wouldn’t comment on that. Indeed, someone I talked to and someone who is much smarter and more intelligent than me does not allow me to do that. Everything will be resolved as it should be – Dalila was honest for our portal.

However, Dragojevićka, after writing for some domestic portals, announced herself on the social network Instagram, fearing for her safety.

– And now it’s time to inform and warn the competent authorities that I fear for my own safety just because I left a job that I no longer want to do. And on top of all that, I asked the director to pay back the money I owe in a way that is completely normal and in a way that I am able to. But there was no consent. Apparently I have to get threats with imaginary greenies. Please protect me because I am really afraid for my safety and security – Dalila wrote and marked the Ministry of Interior of Serbia.

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