‘I feel sorry for the victims of the Ahn Hee-jung incident’ Lee Su-jeong resigns as advisor to the People’s Power Women’s Headquarters

Lee Su-jeong (right), former advisor to the Women’s Headquarters of the People’s Power Election Response Headquarters, announces a pledge to improve the crime victim support system at the National Assembly Communication Hall on the 10th of last month. an actor reporter

It was confirmed on the 18th that Lee Su-jeong, a professor of criminal psychology at Kyonggi University, resigned from the position of advisor to the Women’s Headquarters of the People’s Power Election Countermeasures Headquarters. Previously, Professor Lee apologized the day before to Kim Ji-eun, a victim of the sexual assault case of former Chungnam governor Ahn Hee-jeong, for remarks related to Me Too (social accusation of sexual violence) by Kim Geon-hee, wife of the presidential candidate Yoon Seok-yeol. It seems that he has decided to resign when ‘Lee Dae-nam’ (a man in his 20s) protested.

According to politicians, it is known that Professor Lee expressed his intention to resign as an advisor to the women’s headquarters of the predecessor headquarters in response to the power of the people. Professor Lee said to the social networking service (SNS) the day before, “As an advisor to the Women’s Headquarters of the People’s Power, I express my sincere regret for the emotional pain that Kim Ji-eun would have caused to Kim Ji-eun, the victim of the Ahn Hee-jung incident.” This morning, I edited the post and deleted the position.

Earlier, during a call with Lee Myung-soo, a reporter from the YouTube media ‘Voice of Seoul’, on MBC’s ‘Straight’, which was broadcast on the 16th, Kim Geon-hee said, “Me too, the Moon Jae-in administration said to catch it first. It’s so bleak. I feel sorry for Ahn Hee-jung. Me and my uncle (Candidate Yoon) are on Ahn Hee-jung’s side,” and was criticized as inappropriate remarks.

In response, Kim Ji-eun, through the Korea Sexual Violence Counseling Center, demanded an apology from Kun-hee Kim, saying, “The words you uttered without thinking eventually became the seeds of the second offense, and you are still suffering from malicious comments.”

However, in a phone call with the Hankook Ilbo on the same day, an official of the People’s Power election committee said, “When Professor Lee was fired as the co-chair of the election committee on the 5th, the adviser to the Women’s Headquarters was also fired.”

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