I fell and was injured, but CCTV showed… Nursing care worker who abused elderly person with dementia sent to prosecutors

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A caregiver working at a nursing facility in Jeju has been handed over to the prosecution on charges of abusing an elderly man in his 80s with dementia.

The caregiver was found to have committed the offense because the old man had made a defecation error.

Jeju Seogwipo Police Station announced today (14th) that it had sent a nursing care worker A to the prosecution on charges of abuse of the elderly.

Person A is accused of abusing Mr. B, shaking him and throwing him on the floor when Mr. B, an elderly person with dementia in his 80s, who was the victim, made a defecation error at a nursing facility in Seogwipo-si in September last year.

At the time of the incident, the nursing facility informed B’s family that B fell and was injured, but the family, who was suspicious, confirmed the abuse through CCTV and reported it to the senior protection agency in Seogwipo City.

The agency that launched the investigation confirmed the abuse. Seogwipo City also went through the verification process and reported Mr. A to the police.

B was diagnosed with an anterior 6 weeks, including a broken rib. There were also bruises of unknown cause all over the body.

Person A has been dismissed from the nursing facility and is being investigated by the prosecution.



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