I guess I’m in menopause

Photo=Channel A, ENA channel’s ‘Learning Camping-chan’ broadcast screen

On Channel A and ENA’s entertainment program ‘Learning Camping-chan’, Park Seong-woong self-diagnosed menopause.

On the third episode of ‘Camper Learning’ broadcast on the 3rd, the three presidents (Park Seong-woong, Shin Seung-hwan, and Hong Jong-hyun) were drawn to the sixth camping business.

First, the firewood sales service, which had worried everyone during the last camping business, was started again. Park Seong-woong showed off his unparalleled firewood cutting skills and was reborn as a maniac. This time, over one firewood, he even showed his fighting spirit, saying, “I will cut one of you.”

For the elder brother Park Sung-woong, who is arguing with the firewood, the youngest Hong Jong-hyun came to the scene, saying, “Some son did his brother’s hand like that” and he took revenge. The two younger brothers, who joined Shin Seung-hwan and started recklessly splitting firewood, soon became engrossed in their skills and continued to praise themselves.

Even before the campsite began to operate, an unusual energy was sensed from Park Sung-woong. Shin Seung-hwan and Hong Jong-hyeon, who were excited to the extreme, practiced silent speeches and showed signs of nervousness, such as losing their appetite.

While everyone’s attention is focused on who was the ‘sunbaenim’ who made ‘Ungbos’ eat and drink completely, the actress Shin Eun-jung is revealed.

Seeing Eun-Jung Shin, Park Seong-Woong immediately threw off the power of a noir boss. Even publicist Jung Eun-young, who was watching the two, was bruised, saying, “Hey, you just got married. You don’t have to work.” Park Seong-woong’s tender moment, which can only be activated in front of Shin Eun-jung, attracted attention.

In addition, Park Seong-woong was surprised by Shin Seung-hwan’s one word, “Your brother-in-law came after you.” Shin Eun-jung, who will change Park Seong-woong 180 degrees just by appearing, and the chemistry between the two of them stood out.

Photo=Channel A, ENA channel's 'Learning Camping-chan' broadcast screen

Photo=Channel A, ENA channel’s ‘Learning Camping-chan’ broadcast screen

On this day’s broadcast, SG Wannabe Kim Yong-jun and Mamamoo Wheein appeared as part-timers with their hands full. If you forget, I am preparing lunch for the heads who are tired from the salty journey that is coming back.

However, the funny situation developed where the two were imprisoned in a caravan without even being active. The situation where the principal’s instructions were given to escape the hot weather. Those trapped in the caravan continued to chat quietly and radiate pure beauty.

Kim Yong-jun, who was put in the welcome food cooking, is embarrassed by Shin Seung-hwan, a ‘mukkkaebi’ who makes tteokbokki sauce without a recipe, and starts cooking training.

Showing her shy charm, Wheein also went out to find work of her own, carefully washed vegetables, and set a ‘just doing it’ mode.

In addition, the proposal of the bride to the bride-to-be took place at the campsite on this day, providing another attraction. For a successful event, the heads also turned into motion assistants, while other guests in the campsite also cheered with one heart.

In particular, Park Seong-woong, who was watching this, admitted, “I think I’m in menopause.” She diagnosed herself with menopause. Contrary to the seemingly strong appearance, it attracted attention by showing a reverse charm in the elegant look.

On the other hand, ‘Learning Camping-chan’ is a guerilla campsite run directly by actors Park Seong-woong, Shin Seung-hwan, and Hong Jong-hyun, from welcome food to special service menus to delight guests. A program that includes the difficult campground management experience of a novice campground owner. It is broadcast every Monday at 10:30pm.

Kwon Seong-mi, staff reporter for Ten Asia smkwon@tenasia.co.kr

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