I had to appear in ‘Begin Again’… Lim Jae-bum’s surprise announcement, fans cheered [공식]

[마이데일리 = 이승길 기자] JTBC’s representative musical entertainment, ‘Begin Again’, returns with singer Lim Jae-bum as ‘Begin Again – Intermission’.

JTBC’s ‘Begin Again – Intermission’, premiering at 10:30pm on January 6, 2023, will bring warmth with warm music to everyone taking a breather before a new start these days as they gradually recover . their normal daily life after a difficult period, a program to convey. Producer Shin Young-gwang, who directed ‘Hidden Singer 6’, ‘Begin Again Open Mic’ and ‘Hot Singers’, is responsible for directing.

‘Begin Again’ is a program where top Korean musicians perform live while interacting with the audience on the street through busking. Many singers like Lee So-ra, Yoon Do-hyun, Kim Yoon-ah, Park Jung-hyun, Lee Jeok, Harim, Taeyeon, Yoon Gun, Roy Kim, Kim Pil, Lee Su-hyun, Juk-jae, and Mae Jung Seung-hwan has appeared and left a legendary stage every season, maintaining a strong base of fans and subjects to date. Starting with Season 1 in 2017, Season 4 ‘Begin Again Korea’ took place in Korea following Corona 19 in 2020.

JTBC’s ‘Begin Again – Intermission’, which will once again heal viewers through music, confirmed the appearance of singer Lim Jae-bum and released a teaser video. The teaser video captures attention with a video of Jaebum Lim’s appearance in ‘Begin Again – Intermission’, announced by Jaebum Lim himself at the 2022 Jaebum Lim National Tour Concert – Way Back Home in Ilsan, which has been in the works since that. last October.

Lim Jae-bum was the first to let fans know about his appearance in ‘Begin Again – Intermission’, saying, “I was able to appear on ‘Begin Again’, a program that many people wanted.” The fans cheered non-stop as if they were surprised by the news, and Lim Jae-beom smiled. “There was an uproar with the endless cheers of the fans. I think you liked ‘Begin Again’ more than the performance. I will have to cancel all my next performances,” causing laughter. In a situation where he has not been doing any broadcasting activities recently, attention is focused on the stage that Lim Jae-beom will show with his youth through ‘Begin Again – Intermission’.

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