“I hate Korean beauty standards”… Netflix’s ‘Solo Hell’, overseas netizens were furious – Reporter Suyeon Yoo

Netflix’s original entertainment show ‘Solo Hell’ is being criticized by overseas netizens.

In the first and second episodes of Netflix’s entertainment show ‘Solo Hell’, which was released on the 18th, male cast members Kim Jun-sik, Kim Hyun-joong, Moon Se-hun, Oh Jin-taek, and Choi Si-hoon and female cast members Kang So-yeon, Song Ji-ah, Shin Ji-yeon, and Ahn Ye-won had their first exciting meeting.

While the solos were getting to know each other while chatting without revealing each other’s age and occupation, male performer Moon Se-hun praised Shin Ji-yeon’s skin, saying, “She looks so white and pure. This is my first impression.”

Netflix ‘Solo Hell’

However, some foreign netizens who saw the scene criticized it harshly, saying, “I am obsessed with skin color.”

Overseas netizens said, “It’s very inconvenient to say how much the performers continue to like bright and pale skin”, “The program continues to mention skin color”, “All male performers are obsessed with white skin”, “Korean beauty standards I don’t like this.”

Meanwhile, ‘Solo Hell’, which honestly and realistically captures the birth of a hot and exciting couple of young men and women on the world’s hottest uninhabited island, will release two episodes every week from the 18th on Netflix only for four weeks.

In ‘Solo Hell’, Lee Da-hee, Kyu-hyun, and Hae-hae appear as a panel observing the love line.
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