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“I hate lockdown and vaccines” Violent protests in Europe and Australia against strengthening quarantine

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During the winter, tens of thousands of people ran out into the streets over the weekend as the protests against it became even more intense as countries took the reins of quarantine again due to the re-spread of COVID-19 in the winter.

According to AP, AFP, and Reuters on the 21st local time, from the afternoon of Friday, 19th, in European countries such as Austria and the Netherlands, and in Australia, protests against the quarantine policies of each authorities took place. It happened one after another.

On the night of the 19th in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, hundreds of people protested against the government’s quarantine policy, throwing stones at police officers and firefighters, and breaking down and setting fire to police cars, causing chaos.

The police also responded with water cannons, but three police officers were shot and taken to the hospital, and the police arrested a total of 51 people.

The next day in The Hague, violent protests with firearms broke out and seven people were arrested during the suppression.

Thousands of people gathered in the capitals Amsterdam and Breda on that day and held up signs with the words “opposition to lockdown” and condemned the government’s quarantine policy.

The Netherlands relaxed restrictions on September 25 and required that you present a vaccination certificate when going to a restaurant or bar.

About 40,000 people gathered for a demonstration hosted by a far-right party on the 20th in Vienna, the capital of Austria, which imposed a total curfew for 20 days starting from the 22nd.

Protesters denounced the government’s quarantine measures as totalitarian, and marched from Helden Square along the road surrounding the old town.

In neighboring Zurich, Switzerland, more than 2,000 people protested against the government’s COVID-19 restrictions. They protested against government regulations that required them to present proof of vaccination when entering restaurants, etc.

Thousands each also gathered in Italy and Croatia to protest against the government’s quarantine measures.

In Australia, tens of thousands of people gathered in major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to protest the authorities trying to strengthen the quarantine.

Victorian authorities are pushing to introduce legislation that strengthens authorities’ powers on quarantine, including giving the prime minister the power to declare a state of emergency indefinitely to combat the coronavirus.

In Melbourne, the capital city, thousands of protesters marched through the streets, chanting “No more forced vaccinations” and “Abolish the bill in question.”

In Sydney, thousands of people took to the streets to voice their opposition to the law and its measures to strengthen quarantine, the British daily Guardian reported, even though the state authorities did not enact the law.

In French Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean Sea, on the 19th, protesters against quarantine guidelines looted stores and set fires overnight, causing chaos, and 31 people were arrested during the suppression.

The World Health Organization (WHO) on the 21st warned that, if emergency measures are not taken, the additional death toll from COVID-19 in Europe could exceed 500,000 by March next year.

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