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I have a headache while waiting for the second vaccination… Health people who are angry at the vaccine pass

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Vaccinated and non-vaccinated people with one voice, ‘dissatisfaction’
“I followed what the government told me to do, but my head hurts”
“I’m sick of the announcement of the central rescue policy”
“Forcing inoculation without safety guarantee … Transferring responsibility”

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As the government decided to introduce a ‘vaccine pass’, people who were attending the gym are complaining. Persons who have not been vaccinated and those who have been vaccinated, as well as those who have been restricted from using the facility, responded that there is a problem with this measure.

A (32), who attends a gym in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, explained that he had only completed the first vaccination and said, “Exercise is the only stigma, but what if the government does it this way?” It’s nothing, I just followed the government’s instructions, and I’m waiting for the second dose according to the set schedule.

He said, “The elderly were given priority to get the vaccine, and my and my friends younger than me were pushed back in rank, but that was also decided by the government,” he said. I lived my life with the thought that it would be natural to follow the guidelines of

About 10 million people will be restricted from using multi-use facilities from the 1st of next month, when the vaccine pass is introduced. According to the Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team, on the 29th, the completion rate of vaccination in Korea was 73%. Still, about 27% of the total population did not complete the vaccination, so many people have no choice but to complain about the inconvenience caused by the introduction of the vaccine pass.

B (29), who had completed the vaccination, expressed regret about the timing of the notification. He insisted, “In principle, I agree to the introduction of the vaccine pass because we have to move forward with Corona.”

He continued, “If the government had informed us that it would take these measures a little bit in advance, many unvaccinated people would have stopped using the gym and thought about other ways to continue exercising,” he said. “He said.

The Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters confirmed and announced the specific plan only on the 29th, three days before the vaccine pass was introduced in earnest. In the case of the COVID-19 confirmation trend, it is difficult to confirm the measures in advance because it changes every moment depending on the situation, but the reality is that criticism is coming from various places that the role of the government itself is to prepare countermeasures in advance based on specific figures and evidence. .

Photos have nothing to do with the content of the article.  / Photo = Yonhap News

Photos have nothing to do with the content of the article. / Photo = Yonhap News

Mr. C (31), who has won a prize in a fitness competition, said, “The government tells non-vaccinated people not to use the gym, what means can there be as a citizen to counter it. Now I can’t even go to the gym.” If you admit it and encourage vaccination, I can understand it, but can you believe it because it looks like the front and back don’t match?”

So far, the quarantine authorities have acknowledged side effects of the vaccine in 5 cases of severe adverse reactions and only 2 cases of death. Accordingly, on the bulletin board of the Blue House public petition, there are posts asking for causality to be acknowledged, saying that he died after being vaccinated every day, or that abnormal reactions such as cerebral hemorrhage and acute leukemia occurred.

He said, “The vaccine pass is a policy in which the government imposes responsibility for liberty on the people by forcing vaccination without guaranteeing safety. thinking,” he said.

Meanwhile, from the 1st of next month, the Central Safety Countermeasures Headquarters will allow only those who have completed inoculation and those who have received a negative corona certificate to use some high-risk multi-use facilities such as karaoke rooms, entertainment facilities, nursing hospitals and nursing facilities, as well as facilities vulnerable to infection, starting from the 1st of next month. The introduction of the vaccine pass was confirmed and announced.

Daeyoung Kim, reporter at Hankyung.com [email protected]

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