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“I have a lot of spots on my body”… What causes spots and blemishes on the skin? | News/Column | Health story

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Pigmented disorders that occur on the skin, such as spots, freckles, spots, blemishes, and birthmarks, usually occur due to overexposure to ultraviolet rays, hormonal changes, or genetic causes.

It is recommended to prevent or take care in advance because it makes the skin dull, and stress points or blemishes every time you look in the mirror are difficult to heal naturally, and the longer it is left unattended, the deeper it may develop or sometimes spread all over the face. Then, what are the causes of spots and blemishes?

◇ Causes of spots and blemishes

1. I have spots on my skin. Could there be anything that wasn’t there?

“Dot (birthmark)”

Dots have been born from birth and can be acquired from birth. Dots are congenital from birth and develop little by little from children to adolescence, and usually everyone has 10 to 20 dots by the age of 30.

Spots are made by the proliferation of melanocytes and can occur anywhere in the body. It is flat or slightly convex, varies from light brown to dark brown, is usually less than 1 cm in size and may have hairs.

Hormonal changes can occur naturally during puberty or during pregnancy, but in rare cases it may be related to skin cancer, so it is recommended to seek medical attention when the size of the dots suddenly increases or there is a large change. Point-related treatment can be obtained from a dermatologist.

2. When I was exposed to the sun, small, round and pale spots appeared on my face, the back of my hands, and my chest.


Increased melanin pigment synthesis in sun-exposed skin can lead to freckles. Freckles are small, yellowish-brown, round pigmented spots that usually appear on skin exposed to sunlight. They occur on the cheeks, upper arms, forearms, and upper back.

It is more common in white people than black people or Asians, and it appears after the age of 5 and occurs before and after puberty, but in many cases it disappears on its own with age. Because it is related to the amount of ultraviolet rays absorbed by the skin, it may become darker in summer and lighter in winter.

You can prevent the occurrence of freckles by applying enough sunscreen and reducing exposure to sunlight with a hat, long-sleeved clothes, and parasol.

Freckles can be treated at a dermatologist.

3. It is a woman. There were spotty brown blemishes under the eyes.


An irregularly shaped brown blemishes that occurs under the cheeks and eyes can be suspected. Melasma is an irregularly shaped brown spot that occurs for various reasons, such as hormones, irritation from strong sunlight, and inflammation of blood vessels in the face.

It is the most common pigment disorder, and it occurs more often in women than in men and after 30s rather than in teens due to the influence of female hormones. Melasma may occur during the use of contraceptives or during pregnancy, and the melasma may disappear during menopause, when female hormones are reduced.

Vascular melasma is characterized by a red appearance and requires more elaborate and meticulous treatment, such as simultaneously progressing inflammation with blood vessels under the epidermis.

You can get medical treatment for melasma at a dermatologist.

4. As I got older, I got black blemishes that protruded on my face.


Small, dark spots created with age can be suspicious of age spots. Age spots are mainly caused by aging, and keratinocytes proliferate on the epidermis and can be removed by laser treatment. Age spots vary widely in color, from pale ones to protruding shapes.

Light-colored age spots are deeply located in the skin and are difficult to treat, but protruding or dark and clear age spots can be removed through laser treatment.

Since age spots have a variety of types and causes, each treatment method or laser treatment is slightly different, and can be treated through an accurate diagnosis by visiting a hospital. Treatment for age spots can be obtained from a dermatologist.

5. Other causes

There are many other causes of spots and blemishes, including skin pigmentation, ovarian spots, flat warts, and, in rare cases, skin cancer or melanoma.

◇ Spots and blemishes, when is it dangerous?

Skin pigment disorders can be treated and removed relatively easily, but skin cancer is often misunderstood as a simple point and left undetected, but not detected early. Skin cancer is also a genetic factor, but because the effect of ultraviolet rays is large, care should be taken to prevent excessive absorption of ultraviolet rays into the skin by using a sunscreen.

If the color of the dots is mottled or changes strangely, or if there is a change in size that increases asymmetrically, or if you have spots on your hands, soles, nails, or toenails, it is good to visit a hospital for medical treatment.

Help = Kim Young-long, reporter of Hydak Health Medicine


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