“I have a sore throat and a fever” Even with flu symptoms like Neymar, the corona test is ‘No’

Brazil’s Neymar dances during the training session of the national team at Al Arabi SC Stadium in Doha, Qatar, on the morning of the 5th (Korea time). news

It was found that some of the players of the Brazilian national football team, which will be the opponent of the Korean national football team in the round of 16, are not tested for the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) despite having cold symptoms.

On the 1st (Korea time), Brazilian media Terra reported that key players of the Brazilian national team, including Neymar, Anthony and Alisson, showed cold symptoms such as cough and sore throat. Given that the main symptoms of Corona 19 are cough and sore throat, the possibility of it being confirmed with Corona 19 cannot be ruled out. However, Brazilian media reported, citing team medical staff, that these national teams do not enforce tests on their players and do not require testing.

If COVID-19 is confirmed through a PCR test, players are required to self-quarantine for five days in accordance with Qatar’s epidemic prevention regulations. In other words, Brazilian players cannot play in the World Cup finals, including the round of 16 in Korea.

Neymar, who showed symptoms of a cold, is the best ace and key player of the Brazilian national football team, nicknamed the second Ronaldo. Alisson is also the number one goalkeeper who protects the net of the Brazilian national football team. It was also reported that Anthony, Paquietta, and Alasong had cold symptoms.

The Brazilian national team claimed that the Brazilian player’s cold symptoms were caused by the dry weather in Qatar. In particular, Qatar installed several air conditioners in the stadium to solve the heat problem, causing cold air in dry conditions under the hot sun, which caused cold symptoms in the players, the medical team of the Brazilian national team explained.

Ahead of the World Cup, Qatar also removed the obligation to wear masks and test for COVID-19 before and after entry for World Cup fans, players and journalists entering from abroad. The regulations requiring vaccine certificates were also removed with the World Cup as an opportunity.

Meanwhile, the Korean national football team, led by coach Paulo Bento, will play against Brazil in the round of 16 at Stadium 974 in Doha, Qatar at 4:00 am (Korea time) on the 6th.

Reporter Park Se-young

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