I have never prevented Michigan's abortion

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The Attorney General Dana Nessel (Photo: Clarence Tabb Jr., Detroit News, file)

Lansing Michigan Attorney Dana Nessel said she would not be able to prevent state abortion if federal defenses were canceled, and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer stated that she would veto any new anti-abortion legislation reaching her desk.

The first Democratic term promised a major new approach to abortion and reproductive rights in Michigan during separate speeches at a planned conference in Michigan of Michigan in Lansing.

“You got a powerful backup in a veto from my office,” Whitmer said. “But the goal is not just to prevent bad things. It is to set out a program of work that will respect women and girls and family planning. ”

Nessel, the chief law enforcement officer of the state, pledged to ignore existing state law which prevented abortion if the US Supreme Court reversed its 1973 landmark. Trump.

“I will never prosecute a woman or her doctor for the difficult decision to end pregnancy,” said Nessel with applause.

Genevieve Marnon, Michigan's Right to Life legislative director, said she was dissatisfied but not surprised by the views of Nessel.

"But the bottom line is, she is not over the law," Marnon said, noting that Michigan voters rejected a legal abortion initiative in 1972 with a margin of 20 percentage points.

“We have a decision of the Supreme Court that says it is only enforceable for Roe vs Wade, and I do not think that the general attorney should be able to select and select the laws applied.” T

In most cases county prosecutors are likely to come into force, so the position of Nessel may not have a huge impact on the law, and Marnon added.

Michigan has banned abortion on the books from 1846, including the 1931 version which was reactivated if the US Supreme Court postponed Roe, that it still has no measures to take. As a candidate, Whitmer suggested repealing the law, but this term will not happen because of a Republican ruling on the Legislature.

Nessel who made similar non-enforceable claims on the campaign track and admitted that she was asked, "How can you do that, without enforcing the law?" But she discouraged the issue by urging the former Republican Attorney General Bill Schuette to ignore unspecified environmental regulations for the past eight years.

If he can do that, “well then, I think I can go four or maybe eight years without sending women to reverse them,” she said.

Peter Henning, professor of law at Wayne State University, said that the views of Nessel reflect interesting questions which are only hypothetical at this point since legal abortion remains throughout the country under the precedent of Roe v. Wade.

“Prosecutors have the discretion to charge and choose the laws they choose,” he said. “So if someone was upset, I don't know how you could force (Nessel) to implement."

County prosecutors have discretion, he said, but their authority ultimately comes from the state.

A political dynamic in Lansing for a legislative repeal of the state's abortion ban is unlikely to occur, "but the Legislator cannot prosecute the general attorney," Henning said. what you should prosecute and what not. ”

A Right to Life is supporting new legislation to prevent a “reduction and evacuation” procedure it calls on “desalination abortion”, but it hopes that Whitmer would veto that legislation if She reaches her desk.

The old Gov nodded. Rick Snyder, Republican, also has some anti-abortion legislation, but using Right to Life of Michigan tried to petition him around and prohibit abortion insurance that Whitmer had tasting as “rape insurance” legislation and attending the state Senate.

In her statement Tuesday, Whitmer noticed that a bill of abortion was controversial "heartbeat" after a similar measure passed in Georgia, made by liberal filmmakers Whitmer. invited to Michigan instead.

The 2018 victory was won by Democratic female candidates in Michigan and he suggested that the party could reclaim the control of the State House and the Seanad if it was not for Republicans who drew the boundaries of existing legislative areas in 2011.

“We need to be grateful for the results we had, but we cannot say that our work has been done,” said Whitmer.

Whitmer, Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson are “a great” “women” who protect us all in the state, ”said the planned parent Lori Carpentier during an introduction.

Nessel has withdrawn Michigan from a series of issues relating to abortion involving Schuette, and Michigan has signed it for others seeking to protect existing rights.

Working in collaboration with Whitmer, Nessel went into the suit last month challenging a Trump administrative rule which would prevent organizations like Planned Parenthration providing convictions from Title IX funding to get things like disease prevention sex transmission, cancer screening and contraception.

The rule about $ 7 million of funding could be endangered for Michigan groups, said Nessel.

“Oppose,” said the general solicitor. “We will continue to fight back together, because without freedom of reproduction, we will never be able to call the free land ourselves.”


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