“I have so many assets”… The level of tremendous benefits that Song Joong-ki from a multicultural family will have in the future |

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While actor Song Joong-ki has reported that he is pregnant with a second child and remarried to British actress Katie Louise Saunders, interest in multicultural family benefits is also drawing attention. As a result, Song Joong-ki’s total wealth is also being re-examined.

From Song Joong-ki’s first marriage to remarriage

Born in 1985 and 39 years old this year, Song Joong-ki is a South Korean actor who made his debut in the 2008 film ‘Ssanghwajeom’. After continuing his steady acting career, he met Song Hye-kyo in ‘Descendants of the Sun’, which appeared in 2016, and married Song Hye-kyo on October 31, 2017. However, soon after, in July 2019, the couple divorced.

Since then, Song Joong-ki has had no dating news. On December 26, 2022, rumors started of him dating a British woman, which he immediately admitted.do. It was revealed that I had brought it to an official event with no intention of hiding it. However, there was a reason for Song Joong-ki to reveal his undisguised love.

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News 1, Katie’s Instagram

On January 30, 2023, Song Joong-ki announced the pregnancy news along with the news of remarriage through a fan cafe. Said on the fancafeI swear to spend the rest of my life with Katie, who has been by my side, supporting me, loving each other, and spending precious time with me.“Naturally, we hoped for the dream of creating a happy family together. We have made a lot of effort to keep our promises to each other, and we are truly grateful A precious life came together between the two of us.” he said.

He continued,” and Register your marriage today to start your life as a couple based on trust and deep loveis the way to come Just like now, we will both look in the same direction and walk beautifully together in the days to come. I sincerely thank all the fans who always keep me and love me unchanged.”

An official from Song Joong-ki’s agency Hijium Studio said: “We plan to have a wedding, but no specific time frame has been set,” he said. Regarding a new life, he said, “Nothing is fixed, and I will go back and forth to each country according to the situation.”

Meanwhile, Dispatch reported that after Katie Louis Sounders’ pregnancy, Song Joong-ki is living a happy newlywed life with Katie Louis Sounders and his in-laws in a 20 billion won house in Itaewon.

Benefits that Song Joong-ki receives from a multicultural family

The news that Song Joong-ki is marrying a foreign woman naturally drew attention to the benefits of multicultural families. With this marriage, Song Joong-ki can be included in a multicultural family and receive various support benefits from the government. The couple Song Joong-ki and Katie completed their marriage registration on January 30, 2023 and were recognized as a multicultural family without having to hold a separate wedding ceremony.It is possible.

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Multicultural Family Support Portal

According to Danuri, a multicultural family support portal, a multicultural family is a family where one couple has a foreign nationality or is naturalized as Korean.. If you belong to a multicultural family, you can enjoy benefits regardless of your nationality and income.

According to the Multicultural Families Support Act which was newly established in May 2020, the government Support for multicultural families with various benefits in education, housing, social welfare, etc.doing

According to the multicultural support portal for families, a home visit education service, child care subsidy, and children’s language development support service are provided.It becomes. The children born to the Song Joong-ki couple, who have become a multicultural family, will also receive significant benefits in terms of education.

Firstly Priority is given to applicants applying to national or public day care centers or affiliated nursery schools, which are highly competitive.do.

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Hankyung, Instagram Katie

againChildren from multicultural families can enter foreign schools. In order to enter a foreign school, a Korean must have a history of attending a foreign school for at least three years. Song Joong-ki’s children will be able to attend foreign schools without this history.

in some universities In some cases, there is a special screening process where “children from multicultural families” are eligible to apply, so entry is possible with low competition.do. Instead, not all universities have special admissions for multicultural families, so you need to find a university that supports this. In addition, there are some private companies Additional points are added to the employment score for children from multicultural familiesThere are also places that give .

as well as Holiday support expenses, home-town return expenses, hospital expenses, etc., and free use of visiting tutoring and national and public academies are paidCan you. also housing supportThere is also. Multicultural families have a preferential right to buy specially supplied houses without competition with the publicreceive Benefits such as priority tenure in national rental housingThere is also

Here Long-term loans at low interest rates, such as marriage funds, children’s school expenses, medical expenses, living expenses in arrears, parental care expenses, living expenses with a lower salary, etc.can receive.

Song Joong-ki won, whose fortune alone is 50 billion

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History of D&C

However, some netizens who were repulsed by Song Joong-ki enjoyed such benefits. The basic purpose of the Multicultural Assistance Act is to strengthen the economic disadvantage in Korea by immigrating the spouse to Korea.than see.

It was established for multicultural families, and a detailed support system is needed for the difficult economic class among multicultural families.together

Some say it goes against the purpose of providing benefits to wealthy multicultural families like Song Joong-ki. People’s tax, which should be used for the economically weak, is being used inefficientlycomes out

Song Joong-ki owns real estate He gained a total of 50 billion in assets alonearrives He owns a detached house worth 20 billion won in Itaewon-dong, and won villas worth 15 billion and 9.5 billion in Cheongdam-dong and Hannam-dong, respectively.doing In 2020, he bought a condo in Hawaii for 2.77 billion won.I did too.

It is also known as 60 million won in 2016 As of 2021, the performance fee per synagogue is approximately 200 million to 300 million earnedhas risen to Advertising costs around 600 million won per yearis known as

Netizens who saw the news said, “If Song Joong-ki receives benefits from a multicultural family, isn’t it like paying taxes and receiving it again?”, “I have 50 billion, do I need to receive benefits ?”,”Sad”,”Did Song Joong-ki become a multicultural family?” , “Katie’s husband is Song Joong-ki, so why not” etc.

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