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‘I Know’ Han So-hee ♥ Song Kang, a dazzling kiss ending… Hellgate open

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‘I Know’ Han So-hee and Song Kang know that they are bad, but they can’t stop opening the door to ‘Hellgate’.

In the second episode of JTBC’s Saturday Special ‘I Know’ (directed by Garam Kim, scripted by Jeongwon), which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 26th, Yuna-bi (Han So-hee) trying to escape from Park Jae-eon (Song Kang) was drawn. Yuna-bi realized that the conviction that Park Jae-eon was of the same mind was a mistake, but she could not easily break her heart for him. Park Jae-eon whispers that he actually wanted to kiss her without even removing the lipstick of another woman. The more Yunabi tried to escape, the more Park Jae-eon went through her head, and she opened the ‘Hellgate’ by herself.

The ending, which was full of breathtaking dizziness, raised the heart rate with extreme excitement. Park Jae-eon’s charm, which makes you want to believe in the sincerity that you sometimes feel even though he looks like a bad man, shook the hearts of not only Yuna-bi but also viewers. Here, Yunabi’s fluctuating emotions hit the empathy button properly this time as well. Park Jae-eon’s one word and one action, going back and forth between heaven and hell, shows the emotions of young people who are in love and heightens immersion. Attention is focused on how the romance game between Yuna-bi and Park Jae-eon, who announced the start of a dizzying change, will play out.

On that day, the moment Yunabi and Park Jae-eon’s lips were about to touch, the phone rang and the kiss at night did not happen. However, the strange current between the two continued. The two had a sweet time at the club they went to together. Only Park Jae-eon entered Yuna-bi’s eyes. However, when Yuna-bi saw a picture of a butterfly on the wrist of another woman who came to see Park Jae-eon, she felt distressed again. Park Jae-eon’s attitude, which he wanted to believe was special only to him, seemed to apply to everyone, and it was because he thought that Yuna-bi might be one of the women passing by Park Jae-eon. Yuna-bi did not want to go back to the past when she was swayed by love. He began to repeat to himself. Jay Park is a light man and he knows that. Nevertheless, Yuna-bi’s heart for Park Jae-eon has already begun to swell out of control. To make matters worse, Yuna-bi even had a dream that Jae-eon Park appeared. Park Jae-eon, who came to him in a dream, seduced Yuna-bi without hesitation. The dream vivid enough to feel the warmth seemed to show the size of his feelings for Park Jae-eon.

Yunabi, who met Jae-eon Park in the classroom, couldn’t help but look at him. A dream full of unspeakable scenes, a messed up appearance due to oversleeping, and even the disaster of the ‘that day’ that was raided. Yuna-bi unintentionally avoided Jae-eon Park, and Jae-eon Park expressed his disappointment by saying, “You sometimes draw a line on me.” Yunabi was embarrassed by this, but she couldn’t afford to pay attention to him. Jae-eon Park chases after Yuna-bi, who sneaked out without attending class. Inquiring about his strange behavior, he later grasped Yunabi’s embarrassing situation, took off the south side, and tied it around Yunabi’s waist. At the sight of Jae-eon Park, who does not feel like a pretense, Yuna-bi’s heart began to race again.

Aside from Park Jae-eon’s attitude toward him, it was definitely a concern that there were many women around him. Yuna-bi followed Oh Bit-na (Yang Hye-ji) to the student council meeting where ‘persons of interest’ are gathered with the determination to confirm and confide in her. There, Jae-eon Park was truly ‘everyone’s lover’. The breathtaking tension that soared with the appearance of Park Jae-eon proved this. Most of all, what stimulated Yunabi the most was the words that seemed to draw a line between the two of them. Then, “Is it necessary to be in a relationship? If you’re not dating, can’t we get along? Don’t make eye contact, don’t stand close. Do you pretend you don’t know what’s buried?” It clearly showed that it is a ‘flower without flowers’.

Their drinking party continued to Yunabi’s living room. At the end of the stormy drinking game, Park Jae-eon and Yuna-bi were penalized for kissing. However, Yunabi drank alcohol to avoid this, and Jae-eon Park also smiled and emptied the glass. While the drinking party was over and everyone scattered to rest, Yuna-bi came out of the house and found two men and women kissing in the dark. The man kissing the student council mate was none other than Park Jae-eon. Park Jae-eon, who discovered Yunabi late, came closer. Park Jae-eon, who said that he was just playing a game, said Yuna-bi did not need to explain it, and sharply fired at him. At that, Jae-eon Park said, “You? Weren’t you sad? I wanted to be with you.” The moment Yuna-bi stopped, Jae-eon Park said, “I thought you were of the same mind as me,” and approached him slowly as if kissing. There was still another woman’s lipstick on his lips. Yuna-bi put her hand on Park Jae-eon’s lips. While erasing the lipstick marks, Jae-eon Park looked down at him with dark eyes. When their eyes met again, Yuna-bi kissed Park Jae-eon as it was. One word of Yunabi, “That Hellgate has been opened”, added to the deepening kiss, heralded the unpredictable change in the relationship that will hit them in the future.

Meanwhile, ‘I Know’ airs every Saturday at 11 PM.

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