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[Newyddion pêl-droed Ewropeaidd / rhyngwladol]Unfortunately, the Japanese national team lost to Croatia after a penalty shootout in the last 16 of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, but the Italian newspaper praised Japan as the winner of this tournament.

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The Japanese national team defeated the powerhouses of Germany and Spain one after the other in the “group of death” of the FIFA World Cup (World Cup) Qatar 2022. Surprised the world by achieving a historic feat from the top of the group. On the other hand, off the field, the Japanese fans who picked up trash after the game were praised, and Coach Moriyasu Hajime bowed deeply after the loss against Croatia, receiving praise from all countries.

On the 7th, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published a column by journalist Massimo Gramellini with the headline “3-0” and highly praised Japan.

“As we watch which country will win the World Cup (I expect France, Brazil and Morocco on the podium), we already know which country is the winner,” said the Italian. He focused on the behavior of the Japanese people at the Qatar World Cup, stating “a country where fans clean stadiums and players clean locker rooms.”

He continued, “In that country, even in the face of the dire disappointment of losing in a penalty kick, the commander did not explode with anger, he did not close himself up in a wounded ego, and he cared for others was suffering. He praised the commander of the Japanese national team. “First of all, he consoled the players one by one, then he called out to the whole team, and finally he went to the fans behind the goal. His bow will remain a symbolic sight at the World Cup this,” he said.

In addition, when introducing the fact that a bow means “respect” in Japan, at the World Cup which caused a debate over rights, “Those fans, those players, that coach, some people who still talk about rights. He showed real ‘respect’. to those who were overconfident.”

Finally, Gramellini said, “Thanks to Japanese fans, players and coaches, Japan politely won 3-0 and left the World Cup,” declaring Japan’s victory.

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