“I like ‘Biden came to Korea first’, but the main character is Japan”… The identity of this person who spilled out nonsense

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A report comparing the results of the summit between the two countries was reported by Japanese media as US President Joe Biden completed his tour of Korea and Japan.

The Japanese Sankei Shimbun-affiliated tabloid ‘Yukan Fuji’ introduced an article written by Katsumi Murotani on the 27th.

Known as a far-right figure, he argued in an article titled ‘President Biden’s visit to Korea and Japan’, “There was a huge gap in terms of visits to Korea and Japan, not just in terms of quality, but at different levels.”

President Biden’s visit to Korea was about ‘let’s get along with the US and Korea’, Murotani emphasized, “Japan was different.”

President Biden’s main discussion was not with South Korean President Yun Seok-yeol, but with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

He cited the reason that the issue was not only between the two countries, but also on a global level, especially China, as the main agenda.

At the time of President Biden’s visit to Korea, he delivered good news to the United States, such as Hyundai Motor Company announcing its investment plan, but the location where the United States-led initiative announced the launch of the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) It was Japan, he emphasized. He also claimed that he made mention of defending Taiwan as well from Japan.

He also sarcastically rejoiced over President Biden’s visit to Korea as “proof that Korea has surpassed Japan.” At the same time, the Korean media reported that at the Korea-US summit, measures equivalent to a permanent currency swap were agreed and the path to participation in the ‘quad’ working group of the US, Japan, Australia and India would be opened. did.

He also pointed out that there was no such expression as a ‘currency swap’ in the Korea-US joint statement.

He continued, “Korea’s only hope was the observation that President Biden would recommend Japan to improve relations with South Korea, but no matter how many times I read the transcripts of the joint press conference after the US-Japan summit, that doesn’t come up.”

He added that even the name ‘Korea’ did not come out.

However, he added that it only appeared in the remarks of Prime Minister Kishida about North Korea’s response to nuclear weapons and missiles.

“This is a humiliation for Korea,” said Murotani.

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